Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The One About the Lava Juice

It's been almost a month since I last posted. I've been writing like a fiend the whole time, but it's been journalling, thinking on "paper," stuff like that. Not really masterpieces for the whole wide world at this point.

It's been a hard few months.

But the boys are as adorable, impish, and funny as ever, and they are the bright spot (and sometimes the hard part) of my day. I am treasuring the moments with them these days, aware of how fast they are growing and longing to remember every second, every little funny phrase, the feel of their hands in mine, the sound of Cory's cute little voice, and Iain's leprechaun dance. I am so blessed to be their mama.

And they have been so darn funny lately.

--Today, in the car, Iain piped up with this: I thought of a new rule, Mama.
Me: What's that?
Iain: Stay out of the way of steam rollers. Can that be our new rule? And we can make sure to remember it?

--Iain to Aunt Jenna: Iains don't like cucumbers. I don't know why. They just don't.

--And then there was the whispered conversation between the boys tonight at dinner. The adults at the table got very quiet to listen in. The boys were leaning toward each other and whispering in each other's ears throughout the whole conversation. Imagine the cute little whispered voices as you read...
Iain: This summer, we should learn how to ride a pony.
Cory: Actually, I already know how to ride a pony. But you don't.
Iain: Well, a horse would be better.
Cory: But we don't have a horse.
Iain: I know that.
Cory. Pretend you're mad. Don't smile.
Iain: (trying and failing) I can't.

--Jenna and Curtis kept the boys for us while we went on a date a few nights ago. They reported this conversation back to us.
Jenna: Iain, do you want some guava juice?
Iain: (horrified expression)
Jenna: It's good. It's got mango in it. Uncle Curtis is drinking it.
Iain: (tentatively) Okay. Is it really from volcanoes?
Jenna: (laughing, realizing he thought she said lava juice, and he has a fear of volcanoes)
Cory: (looking at the carton and brilliantly realizing that lava doesn't start with g) This is the other kind of lava juice.
Iain: (to me the next morning) Did you know that sometimes g says llllll?

--Iain just got out of the bath.
Me: Hi buddy.
Iain: Look Mom! It's Iain!

--Because we have to renew our home study (arg), I took the boys to the pediatrician to get updated physicals. This was a new pediatrician (we used our Florida one last time because we had just moved here), and I was answering his questions about their developmental, sleeping, eating, and tv-watching habits, and feeling pretty good about my parenting. Then Iain interrupted me.
Iain: I only like to eat junk food. I love candy and chips. Junk food is what I like.
Me: (blushing) I promise, I don't feed him junk food all the time!
The pediatrician: Mmm-hmmm.

--On a walk:
Iain: Look! Broken pieces of sidewalk!
(Both boys stoop to examine the treasure. Both pick up a piece. Cory goes back for more.)
Me: You can each choose one piece to take with us.
Cory: (holding one in each hand) But this one is for the baby sister!
Me: (melting) Okay, we can take that one, too.
Cory: Now all the children have one.

I love my kids. All three of them.