Friday, September 14, 2012

Iain is Six!

I can't believe that this little man is six today! Six seems like such a big deal. Bigger than five, for sure. Six is full grown kid. Six is growing up.

We celebrated Iain's birthday in Florida day before yesterday. His first friend Noah and Noah's brother Jude, their mama, Nona, and Nan were his guests. He thought long and hard about how he wanted to celebrate his birthday. He and Cory discussed it for WEEKS. Finally, he decided on Chuck E Cheese. So, with Jeremy and I just slightly dreading it (so noisy! chaotic! kids running, pizza flying!), we went. And it was actually fun! It was noisy, but not bad. The kids had a blast--all five of them. We ordered a pizza and brought Lightning McQueen cupcakes and some cookies, and that was the party. Easiest party ever.

And Iain declared it, repeatedly, a great birthday.

(Iain and Noah played this one over and over and over--they were a fighting team of pirates)

Iain, my sweet, sunny, happy boy. I can't believe you're six. I can't believe how full of life and joy you are. Everything is "great!" to you. You roll with the punches and are the definition of the word chipper.  You make every day happy with your smile, your good attitude toward life, and your tight hugs.

Six years ago, you looked like this:
 You are my sweet first born. You made me a mama. You turned my world upside-down, just how I always wanted it. You are a big-hearted, kind, loving brother, the best friend of a kid I know named Cory, the beloved "Iain-Marky" to Laina. You are a precious boy, Iain, and we love you so.

Daddy and I are proud of you--the boy you are now, and the man you will become. You love Jesus, and that's the most important, wonderful thing we could ask for. Keep loving Him. Be His mighty man.

Happy birthday, dear six-year-old. Like your first name means, you are our gift from God. We love you!
(Iain's last day as a five...)

(...and first day as a six!)

Today, on the actual birthday, we spent a lazy (no school) morning and the boys played with Iain's new toys. We met the Burtons for lunch at CFA, and headed home for more toy-playing. Then we went to Home Depot with Jenna and family so Iain could get a light-up key. The boy's wish list is so easy to fulfill!

A few more birthday pics:

 So handsome!

They posed this one themselves...

 Okay, so in this one, Cory launched himself, yelling, into the shot while Iain held up his six fingers. It reminded me of a similar move by Iain, when I was trying to take a picture of Jenna holding baby Cory for the first time. My kids are nuts.

Iain's last five years: birth, one, two, three, four, five.