Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Family of Four

That's what we are! We confirmed the news on Mother's Day (the day before Iain's eight-month birthday) - we have another little one on the way! (What a Mother's Day gift!) We are thrilled and thankful for this new life. As best as we can figure, the baby is due around the first week of January, making him/her a winter baby. :) Please pray with us for this little one as he/she grows (especially that this one would be a great sleeper!).

Speaking of sleep, in a huge answer to prayer, Iain suddenly began sleeping almost through the night last Tuesday! He now usually needs help getting his pacifier once or twice a night, but no more nursing, no more bouncing, no more rocking. He just decided he'd had enough. This has been perfect timing, as we found out about the new little one not a week later and I sure need the extra sleep.

So join us in thanksgiving for these two miracles! :)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sleeping, Playing, Swimming, Framing

Sleeping: Last night was the best sleep night of Iain's life! He was up and down from 7:30 until 10:00, but at 10, something kicked into gear. He slept right through his first feeding time (although I still woke up and checked on him:)), and didn't wake up until his second one at 3:00am! Then he went back to sleep in half an hour and slept until the ripe old hour of almost 7:00am! It was wonderful and I hope he does it again tonight!

Our other sleeping news is that Iain has discovered tummy-sleeping. Here's a cute shot we got of him right before he woke from his nap the other day.

Playing: Iain loves the walker.  Right now, his mobility is hindered by the train table, washer, and dryer in our dining room, but all that will be gone soon, giving him full reign of the tiled floor. He can move forwards and backwards and likes peeking around the fridge at me as I wash the dishes.

He also has decided that his new favorite toys are the plastic ABC book and the car-driving-thing (thanks Grammy and Aunt Gloria!). He likes to "read" his book while lying in a pile of other toys (like Scrooge McDuck swimming in his gold coins?), and he likes turning the car thing upside down and banging on the back of it. We frequently hear it counting "one-two-th-four-f-s-seven" as he never quite gives it enough time to get the words out before banging again. :)  (note: the book-reading thing is not new - look at the post "Some Updates" under the February archives)

Swimming: Here are a few pictures of Iain's first swim! Or rather, his first "sit and splash." He seemed to enjoy the water very much until he discovered the grass outside of the pool. Then that became much more interesting.

Framing: The framers were here on Saturday and got most of the bathroom done. There is a bit more electrical work that needs to be done before they can finish, so hopefully that will be taken care of tomorrow evening. Then the framers should be back (here's hoping!) Wednesday or Thursday late afternoon. No word on if they will be able to finish at that point or not.