Friday, March 24, 2017

February's Greatest Hits

I just finished a book in which the main character calls the best moments of her life her Greatest Hits. Here are ours, for the month of February, in no particular order.

Chris came to visit! He was only here one night, but we loved visiting with him. He sat and talked to Iain for a long time about Iain's stories and drawings, which Iain thoroughly enjoyed. We love Uncle Chris!

Due to the flooding in the basement right after Christmas, we moved everyone upstairs. And after sleeping with us all in the three bedrooms for a few months, we (well, Jeremy and I) decided it worked much better for our family than having the big boys downstairs. After a lot of moving, putting IKEA furniture together, and trying to find the best ways to make it all fit, we finally have it good to go! Here are the three littles in their shared space.

Jeremy got to preach at our church this month. His text was Hebrews 3, and he preached three services. He did a great job and loved doing it. And yes, I snuck this picture during church. :)

School has been plugging along. We took a week off in February, which was glorious. Besides that, we just keep on trucking. And still reading aloud a lot. We read All-of-a-Kind Family and LOVED it. And the boys and I read A Wrinkle in Time. Also great, though too scary for Laina. So far, we're up to fifteen books this school year. 

Took a walk/hike with the Whatleys and Jenna and I may have overestimated the littles' abilities. We ended the walk like this. Phew!

More schooling. Laina is almost done with 100 Easy Lessons.

Ivy teaches how to draw Europe. She said, and I quote, "Now we gonna draw a dinosaur riiiiight here!"

She loves a good princess dress.

Iain went to TeenPact One Day! (Cory was going to go but got sick.) It was surreal and very strange to be the parent at a TP event. Made me feel old. But Iain loved it. He presented his bill on texting while driving, he participated in public speaking and debate, prayed for the governor of GA in his office, and played the bodyguard in a mock election. He's a handsome dude, this guy.

Cory, who always spends his time thinking about food when he is sick, came up with Apple Day. One day during break week, everything we ate for every meal had to include apple. We had apples on oatmeal for breakfast, apples and peanut butter with lunch, applesauce chicken for dinner, and apple pie for dessert. Next up, I believe, is Carrot Day. I vote Chocolate Day. 

Here he is, the Apple Day mastermind, with no front teeth and a cute new haircut. He's so handsome.

And she's so gorgeous.

And there we have it. February's Greatest Hits. Beautiful, scrappy, messy, everyday life.