Friday, April 26, 2013

Two Years Ago, This

April and May bring so many important dates in the life of our family. There’s Referral Day, April 14, when we finally saw our baby girl’s face for the first time. There’s today, April 26, the most horrible day when we learned she was sick, and, numb and fearful and sad, packed into the night, kissed our boys goodbye, and drove until morning to fly to her side. And then happier days: April 28, when we met Laina and finally held our dream in our arms. May 6, the day we passed court and she became legally ours. And then the best day of all, May 19, when we stepped off the last plane and our boys ran into our arms and we were finally together. 

These dates fill me with so many memories and so many emotions. I can’t look at pictures of us as a brand new family of five without tears in my eyes, and I hope that wonder never wears off. Adopting Laina was hard, but so beautiful. Our trip to Rwanda was hard, but so beautiful. 

Living this life, with these four precious young souls, is hard, but so beautiful.

I am thankful anew for my miracle daughter when this time of year rolls around. I am thankful for the friends we travelled with, for the precious days in Rwanda where my heart continually returns, for the long days in Ethiopia. I am thankful that my family is here and that I get the unspeakable joy of spending my days with them.

I am thankful for Jesus who held us through the journey and holds us today, who moved mountains to bring our girl home and still moves in our lives. For the everyday miracles. Because never once did we ever walk alone. Never once did You leave us on our own. You are faithful, God, You are faithful.