Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Cory Turns Nine and Other Happenings

Snow Days! Right at the beginning of the year, we got a few inches of VERY icy snow. Not great for snowballs or snow angels, but the kids had a good time. At least, the big three did. A few minutes in the cold had Mason crying frozen tears (not really--it wasn't THAT cold) and Ivy saying she wanted to go inside. Fine by me! I got some pictures,

and then I got to make hot chocolate for these darlings and watch the others play, from the warmth of the kitchen. What a deal.

 Speaking of darlings, how sweet is this little Ivy baby? She's the sprinkles on our donut.

(kitchen elf!)

For exactly three weeks out of the year, my kids are perfectly spaced. This year, it's two, four, six, eight, ten. And then, Cory turned NINE!

Last day as an eight:

This year, Cory took his dad, his big brother, and several of his friends to see the new Star Wars movie. But first, everyone came over for apple pie. Before the guests arrived, the kids made his birthday banner.

He had a great time at the movies, and we put another birthday in the books.

(first day as a nine!)

Cory, you are a quirky, smart, hilarious, responsible, kind-hearted guy. We love watching you become everything Jesus made you to be. You keep us laughing with your wit and dry humor, and you bring something special to our family. We love you, buddy!

 Cory has a collection that I think I've mentioned before. Inspired by stories of the young Teddy Rosevelt, Cory collects any natural artifacts that strike his fancy (rocks, pelts, bones, a turkey beard, etc). Unfortunately, one of his rabbit skins was ruined in the flood we had in December. Nona came to the rescue by giving him a huge and very smelly coyote skin for his birthday.

In non-birthday news, repairs on the house (inside and outside) continue. The kids got to help with the digging and gravel, which was fun.

 Mason got this tire swing for his birthday, and it, plus the rope swing in the front yard, are his happy places.

Ivy is in her happy place if she can choose her outfit for the day, especially the shoes. She loves shoes.

 And I love them!