Saturday, July 05, 2014

One Word

So Jeremy and I played a little game the other night: Describe each child using only one word. It was fun and interesting, and we came up with different but similar words for each. Why one word? Because...that was the rule. 

Iain: My word was outgoing. Jeremy's word was innovative. Iain is both! He takes after his great-grandfather (my grandfather Mark, whose name Iain shares) in that he has never met a stranger. He can and does talk to anyone and he finds everyone interesting and believes they find him the same. As for innovative, he is constantly inventing things (mostly weapons or airplanes, and mostly with paper, tape, and found objects), trying to find new ways to do things, or coming up with new lego creations (again, mostly weapons or airplanes).

Cory: My word was thoughtful. Jeremy's was lovably cantankerous. (I know--two words. Teach that guy to play by the rules!) By thoughtful, I mean two senses of the word. Cory is full of thought. He is always, always, always thinking, pondering, running things over and over in his mind. His little brain never stops. They're deep thoughts, too, a lot of the time. He's also a thoughtful kid, looking out for his brothers and sister, and for Jeremy and me. Jeremy's words are pretty self-explanatory. Cory is lovable to the core, and can be a bit of a grump. Both and.

Laina: My word was eager. Jeremy's was effervescent. I have never met a more eager child. She's eager to play, eager to laugh, eager to love and be loved, eager to be included, eager to be in the middle of whatever is going on. And she bubbles with life and love and fun all the time. Silly, sweet, crazy girl.

Mason: My word was delightful. Jeremy's word was joyful. Again, both meanings of the word. Mason is delighted by life. Everything makes him happy. He has fun all the time. He finds everything wonderful. He smiles constantly. And he is a delightful boy, bringing joy to everyone who knows him (or sees his dimples from across the room). He is silly, lovable, smart, and full of movement all the time. And joyful--really this boy is happy. It doesn't take much to make him smile. Runner up for Jeremy was sturdily energetic. Again with the two words.

Your turn! Describe someone (your kids, your friend, yourself) in one word. It's hard and fun!