Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cory's Seventh Birthday

Can you believe this handsome guy is seven? Even though he's been seven for...um...two months, it's still taking some getting used to.

Our traditional last-day-as-a-certain-age photos. Look at those dreamy eyes!

(typical Cory smirk!)

So the question, as January 15th, 2015 rolled around, was this: how can we make Cory's seventh birthday awesome and do it with a three-week-old baby? The answer: a trip to Tellus Museum with his family, best buddy, and cousins! He even asked for donuts instead of a cake. Easy-peasy!

(We weren't supposed to bring food into the cafeteria. We did it anyway. And, um, fire. Oops.)

(After a while, baby girl, Mason and I headed to the car for naps while the kids kept playing.)

 That night, we made our birthday banner and took some pictures. A great day was had by all!

Cory got a pocket knife for his birthday this year. He's been waiting for that since Iain got his when he turned seven. He was delighted. Overjoyed. Thrilled. Etc.

Cory, you're an awesome kid. You're smart, sensitive, determined, and hilarious. You love history and stories, legos and playing in the woods. You're learning to take things apart and (hopefully!) put them back together. You're a good friend and a good big brother. You're sweet and loving and still love to snuggle. We love you to pieces, Cory D! Happy birthday!