Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Number Five!

Has this been my longest blogging hiatus to date? Almost three months. I don't think I'm even going to try to catch up--we did stuff between then and now (school, parks, ladies' retreat, hikes, a trip to see Nan for her birthday, the end of AWANA), but if I try to document it all, I'll never get back to the present moment.

Which, for all its current troubles, is pretty special.

Baby Brannon number five is on the way, due Dec 23! We found out for sure on April 22nd, heard that sweet heartbeat on June 2nd, and entered the second trimester yesterday. We are so excited--the kids can't wait and think that Dec 23 seems really far away (we agree!). Laina is desperately hoping for a sister, and can't quite shake the idea that we get to choose.

Me: Laina, if the baby is a boy, what will we say?
Laina: Yay.
Me: And if the baby is a girl, what will we say?
Laina: YAY!!!!!!!

The boys are hoping for another boy for their team, although I think they'll be happy with a sister too.

I've been so sick. Since six weeks. It's been far worse this time than it was with the boys (does that mean girl?), and it was pretty bad with them too. I'm counting down until week 18, which is when I got better with them. End of July. End of July. End of July.

Jeremy has completely stepped up to the plate and taken on far more than his share of work around here. The kids are pretty much raising themselves as I watch from the couch. We've had friends take them swimming and have them over to play a time or two which is good, or they'd never leave the house. So much for summer vacation. We've also had friends bring food over, which has been so helpful. It gives Jeremy and the kids something to eat. I'm living on gatorade and pop tarts. Hey, whatever works.

And school? We did enough days, but we didn't finish everything I wanted to, nor did we officially end. We just stopped, because I was too sick to teach them anymore. Yay for flexibility in homeschooling.

Poor Jeremy had an unexciting birthday last month. We gave him presents, but he ordered himself pizza for dinner (his favorite) and had a candle in a donut. I told him I'm too busy working on a really awesome Christmas present for him.

We announced the big news on Facebook a few days ago. I wish we could move all the comments here because they were sweet and excited for us, but I don't think I can do that. We're thankful for friends who also believe in the more the merrier.

I'm counting down the days until Monday when we hear the heartbeat again. We love you already, sweet baby!