Friday, September 13, 2013


Happy Adoption Day, Mason! On August 28th, the long-awaited day came when we got to get all gussied up, head to the county courthouse, and do some swearing. The good, under-oath kind. Yes!

With domestic adoption, though we had custody of Mason since the day after his birth, the agency also had custody. We didn't have a birth certificate with our names as parents, and he didn't officially have the name Mason Royce. We filed for finalization when he was six months old, but our county was unused to out-of-state adoptions and took their time in approving his paperwork. Which made me unreasonably nervous. I guess after the craziness of international adoption, plus the drama with our home study agency when we were in Utah, I just couldn't imagine something not going wrong.

But nothing went wrong.

Nan, Aunt Steph, Lydia, Haylee, Jenna, Isaiah, and Titus came with us, and it was so wonderful to have them there as Mason officially took our last name.

We answered a few questions and swore to love Mason forever! During the whole process, Mason yelled and babbled. I guess he wanted his two cents heard. The judge, who didn't say a whole lot, commented on his...volume.

Yahoo! Officially a family of SIX! (plus the judge)

So glad!

Mason has so many people who love him. Here are some of them. Welcome to the family, little man!

With our lawyer:

 We decided to let Aunt Haylee entertain ALL of the children while Jeremy filled out some paperwork.


After being quiet and well-behaved for so long, the kiddos decided to explore the fountain outside.

That afternoon/evening, we held an open house to celebrate our sweet boy.

Friends and family came by to say hello, have some refreshments, sign Mason's picture frame, and celebrate all that this boy is in our lives. We are so blessed to be his family.

We love you Mason! Happy Adoption Day!

(Mason's Adoption Day was also the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech. Pretty cool, huh? For more on that, check out my other blog here.)