Sunday, October 16, 2016


On September 14, 2006, our lives were forever changed when Iain Mark came into the world and made me a mom and Jeremy a dad for the first time. How is it possible that that was ten years ago? We've spent ten years with this guy, this smart, funny, sweet, goofy, loving guy. 

Iain's name means gift of God, and that is exactly what he is. He has made our lives rich and full and I can't wait to see what God does in and through him as he grows up. His middle name, Mark, was my grandfather's name. Iain is his first great-grandchild and shares his outgoing, congenial personality, his ability to talk to anyone, and his love for the Lord. I pray he will also share his legacy of a family who loves Jesus and each other, when Iain is the great-grandfather.

Because he's cool like that, Iain decided that he wanted to have his tenth birthday party be themed after his favorite book (he's a bookworm like his mama!). He currently loves Holes so a Holes party it was!

(last day as a nine!)

Iain, Cory and I spent the night before the party getting it ready. He thought of most of the games, and he made this sign for the front door.

Everybody's favorite game turned out to be this one: Pin the Face on the Warden. Haha!

The "cake" was Iain's idea too: monkey break (because it has a hole in it) with toy lizards crawling out.

Party time!

(He's TEN!!)

First, the birthday boy and his friends made the Brannon family traditional birthday banner.

Then I read everyone a summary of Holes, for those who hadn't read it or seen the movie (several of the boys have read it since the party! That's us, doing our part to spread good books wherever we can.)

Then it was Pin the Face time.

And next: a freeze-dance party to Toby Mac. When they froze, they got tickled with toy lizards and had to stay frozen.

Then after a hole-digging relay race in the backyard, it was time for cake. I LOVE Iain's face in this picture.

The party gang!

(Isn't he handsome?)

After everyone went home, we had BBQ cups for dinner (birthday boy's request), and watched Lego stop-motion movies on the computer while we ate. It was such a fun day celebrating our boy.

Iain, we love you and we're so proud of you--who you are and who you're becoming. You're an awesome kid and we're thankful to be your parents.