Sunday, July 27, 2008


This has been going on for about a week now. He picks up speed every day!

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(I have no idea what Iain is saying in the background.)

Yestderday, I put him down in the living room (near the tv), and found him here about 30 seconds later (this is in the dining room, about 10 feet away).

And does this picture look familiar? The old lie down in the middle of the huge pile of books/toys pose?

Here's Iain in May '07 (at 8 months)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Weekend of Wonder

So, on Friday, Cory and Iain and I drove down to my friend Annie's house about two hours away. It was a nice drive; here's what Cory did for the last part of it:

(don't worry; I was at a stop sign)

We spent the night with her, her daughter Isabel, and husband David. It was fun to see them again, and to let the kiddos play. Cory loved Isabel's walker, and the full-length mirror. :)

(note the yawn, explained below)

Both boys decided not to sleep that night. Apparently, they knew Jeremy wasn't with us and that they had me outnumbered. :) They were both down and sleeping on time, but Cory decided to wake up every fifteen minutes to half an hour from 10pm to 12am, when I brought him into bed with me. We both slept until 2am, when Iain, who rarely does this, woke up hollering from the next room. I went in to see what he needed and help him get back to sleep, but Cory woke up then. So then I had both of them fussing and crying and NOT SLEEPING until 4:30, when finally, we all crashed in one twin bed, for less than an hour. Then Iain was up for the day. Cory slept in until 8 and was still a fussy mess when he woke.

So we set off on a half-hour drive to my cousin Lindy and her husband Ryan's house for a cookout (Jeremy drove down with my mom, Nan, and Haylee to meet us there). But I really wanted a coke to keep me awake. So Annie gave me directions to a fast food place, and then back to the way my google map was sending me. I got my coke, pulled out into traffic, and dropped it on the van floor. So I pulled into a neighborhood, grabbed it up, wiped up the sticky mess as best I could, and pulled back into traffic. And dropped it again.

We ended up taking some crazy, round-about way to Lindy's house, since I muffed up the directions Annie gave me. At one point, I pulled off into a gas station so I could call someone for directions. I told Iain I needed to call someone to help us. He chirped, "Call Noah. Noah help Iain."

We made it, though, without Noah's help. I have no idea how we got there.

It was a great day! Lindy and Ryan have a beautiful home with room for both boys to take long naps. We swam and took a walk through a cypress swamp by a lake (the best thing about Florida. It was breath-taking!). My boys sure are water babies. They didn't want to leave!

Here's Lindy and Iain:

(again, note the yawn)

And some more swimming fun:

Left the party, headed home, got ready for the dedication and subsequent party on Sunday. What a weekend!

The Cory-Nation

(title by Grace and Aleah:)

We dedicated Cory to the Lord on Sunday (7/20). Grammy and Papa were there, as well as Yaya, Phil and Kelly, Nona and Haylee, Nan, the Bells, Uncle Alex, Aleah, Grace, Jake, and Lauren. After the service, we all headed back in the hotter-than-hot heat for some icecream at our place. We had a houseful - Joe and Jana and their boys stopped by as well - and a wonderful time. Thanks everyone who came!

Here's what we read to Cory:

Corrin, spear-carrier of the Lord, we dedicate you now to Jesus Christ.

We will provide you with a home where Jesus is loved and obeyed, where God’s love, truth and laughter have free reign and where you will be prepared for the mission God has for you.

We believe that your strong and steadfast love for God will leave its mark on your generation.

We will raise you with a knowledge of God’s Word, an awareness of His Presence, a sensitivity to His Voice, and an unquenchable love for Him.

You will not be overcome by evil, but you will overcome darkness with God’s kindness and compassion, bringing God’s help, encouragement, and healing to those in need.

We love you, Cory!

Click here to see the post about Iain's dedication.

By the way, this is my 100th post. And it only took me three years. :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Second Haircut

Thanks, Nona! Or in Jeremy's words, hallelujah!



Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Six Months Today!

Today, our little man Cory Daniel is six months old! It's hard to believe - it sure has gone by quickly. When Iain turned six months, I did a post comparing him: newborn and six-month-er. So here's the Cory version (click here to see Iain's, if you want to compare).

Weight then: 9lbs 6 oz
Weight now: 17 lbs 8 oz

Length then: 21 inches
Length now: 28 inches

The brothers then:

The brothers now:

Cory's favorite activity then:

And now:

(although the bouncy seat, and being held rank a close second)

Favorite food then: milk
Favorite food now: milk

New discoveries then: the world :)
New discoveries now: his tongue :)

New skills then: everything needed to sustain life
New skills now: trying desperately to crawl, but just ending up rolling wherever he wants to go. Scoots a little bit mostly by accident, because of the sheer determination with which he waves his arms and legs when on his tummy. Doesn't sit yet, but I think that's going to be soon.

Cory is a happy, sweet, contented baby. He loves his brother and other people about his size; they make him laugh when they come near him. He lunges for the walker when he sees it, and can move across the floor remarkably quickly - he always makes for the garbage can and tips it over, or if we remember to move it, he attacks the microwave cart. He smiles when he wakes up. And he likes to snuggle. He has a thing for holding on to hair (his own or mine), especially as he's going to sleep.

Happy six months, Cory!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Then Came Grammy and Papa

They did a lot of this:

And helped us out on house projects, too. Most notably, Papa installed a light in our dining room. Now every time Iain sees it, he says, "Papa do it!"

First Days of Summer

Okay, I know that summer really starts in June. I also know that in Florida, summer seems to start in March. But to me, July has always seemed like the most summery month. The Nelsons came down to visit, bringing with them some friends, and the boys and I jumped into every summer-in-Florida activity that we could!

The beach:

(look at Iain braving the waves!)

The Fourth of July at Winter Park (one of my favorite things we do here all year):

(can you tell I love that wagon? What says "summer" and "boys" better?)

Dinner and swimming that night at the Schweizers':

(look at Iain's face!!)

The zoo:

(Thanks, Mom, for many of these pictures.)

To Yaya's House We Go!

We went to visit Yaya at the end of June. Iain enjoyed showing her books and having her read them to him (typical Iain):

Cory enjoyed getting held, looking plump, and making funny faces (typical Cory):

And then, Yaya gave us THIS!

...which we have all enjoyed!