Sunday, January 21, 2007

Baby Dedication

Today was Iain's baby dedication, held at our church. It was a great service, fairly short (which was good because the eight squirmy babies who were dedicated couldn't stand too much), attended by family and a few friends. We wrote a short "letter" or "vow" to Iain, copied below. We're so thankful for him and for all of you who invest in his, and our, lives.

Iain, our gracious gift from God, we dedicate you now to Jesus Christ. We will provide you with a home where Jesus is loved and obeyed, where God’s love, truth and laughter have free reign and where you will be prepared for the mission God has for you. We believe that you will be a witness for Christ in your generation.
We will raise you with a knowledge of God’s Word, an awareness of His Presence, a sensitivity to His Voice, and an unquenchable love for Him. You will be a man of wisdom and foresight and you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free. We love you, Iain!

And a few pictures from the day (more to come later).

Jeremy's family and mine at the dedication:

Iain's buddy Noah and his mom Lauren:

The cool new shades, a gift from Grammy and Papa. So funny.

P.S. To those of you who are close friends and didn't attend the dedication: the chapel was very small and filled with family of eight babies. Please know that if we could have, we would have invited everyone who is special to us! We love you!


Mrs said...

The sunglasses definitely up the "cool" factor of this already cool baby. . . I mean, his third photograph was on a drum set! Come on!

Iain, your mom and dad took those vows before God. Those of us who love them and love you will hold them to it (though I doubt we'll have to!). We are trusting in the One who loves you most and eagerly awaiting the plans He has for you.

Jessie said...

Hey, Allie!
Glad I saw you today!
Thanks for breaking in the house for me ;-)

Oh, and, thanks for letting me hold Iain.
He's a mighty handsome fellow. =]

Hope you have a great week!