Thursday, January 04, 2007

Baby's First Christmas

We're home! After a week of traveling, we made it back home last week.

We're well! Baby's First Christmas turned into Baby's First Cold - which we all caught - but we're nearly better now. A sick baby makes for lots of work. :)

So. We spent the first part of Christmas in Tennessee, with my family. No snow, unfortunately, but we had a good time visiting, eating lots of good food, etc. Here are some highlights.

The family on its way to church on Christmas Eve morning:
My favorite Christmas picture:
Iain in his Christmas present from his mom and dad - a Johnny Jump-Up (and whoever invented these didn't know Iain. He jumps and spins and throws himself around so that he needs someone watching to make sure he doesn't bang into the door frame!):
Cute baby lying in the remnants of Christmas cheer:
Just plain adorable:
After Tennessee, we drove down to Bradenton to spend a few days with Jeremy's parents. Unfortunately, this is where Iain's cold kicked in. Consequently, I don't have many pictures, as any I took would have been of a sad little baby. But here is one of Iain opening his presents from Grammy and Papa:
A highlight of that trip was Papa telling Iain the story of Jesus' birth. They have a felt Nativity, so Iain got to hold whichever character was being talked about at the moment. He didn't want to give the angel back. And his favorite thing to do with the three wise men was corrall them with his feet. :)

In other news, during bath time today, our little man found that kicking and splashing is fun. (He used to just lie there, smiling occasionally, but mostly just looking around.) He got me and the bathroom floor wet with all his thrashing, but the grin punctuated with looks of concentration was worth its weight in gold.


Mrs said...

Oh! I'm loving these pictures! The Christmas family one is a keeper for sure and should grace every fridge known to Brannons. What say you? [clearing off a spot. . .]

He looks so BIG in all these photos! He definitely has his "face" now; not a blob-o-baby anymore. Precious!

Thanks for letting me bond a bit on Saturday! I am content.

Phyllis said...

I love the photos and stories! Glad to hear you're well now. Look what Jaan used to do in his jumper.

Phyllis said...

I'm back again. I didn't get to finish before. We had to pad the doorway where our babies jumped. :-)

I meant to ask you, can you give names of the little cousins in the big family picture? And who they belong to? Thanks!

Shannon said...

Allie, the family picture is beautiful!!! You are just glowing!
I can't wait until Caiden is at such a fun age. She just smiles in her sleep right now, but still I love it. =) Give me a call when you get well.