Sunday, January 28, 2007

General News

News from the baby front: we started Iain on rice cereal before bed, in our unflagging efforts to get the boy to sleep. I am continually amazed at how well he does on so little sleep. "The books" say he should be sleeping 4-5 hours a day. He does really well if he gets 2.5-3. Yet he still is, on the whole, a very happy baby. I know there's no textbook baby and maybe he just needs less than most his age, but I know it's not enough for him because he still gets cranky, especially when he wakes up. We have a strange kid on our hands (but a good one!). Anyway, back to the rice cereal: it seems to help a bit. Iain doesn't eat much at a time; he still hasn't figured out the whole swallowing thing with his tongue. But he likes it and leans forward for more, getting frustrated at the slowness of the meal and his own inability to swallow well. He had a meltdown tonight - just too hungry and tired to fool with that cereal nonsense! But nonetheless, the past few nights have been a moderate amount better, so we'll keep up the before-bed snack. Here's Iain's first cereal experience.

Other developmental milestones: he has discovered his feet, though they have yet to make it to his mouth. By the way, in this picture, Iain is sporting his cloth diapers (called FuzziBunz - terrible name, I know!). WE're still using them and still enjoying the convenience and economy they provide.
And finally, today Iain has started trying to sit up. In his swing, carseat and stroller, he leans forward and gets displeased if we restrain him . :) He sure is an opinionated young fellow.

And a few cute ones for fun.

In other news, the house is coming a snail's pace. We're turning more paperwork in to the city tomorrow. Hopefully that'll be the last batch they require before giving us the permit and thus the go-ahead to start construction. The comes grading, plumbing, pouring slab, building, etc, etc. But at least we'll see progress then instead of just waiting on paperwork.

That's all for now. Happy Sunday!


Mrs said...

. . . just when I was beginning to think the dirt and plywood path to your home was so charming! Still, I know the feeling of being mid-project. Not fun.

He's so strong! His legs aren't "mushy" at all when I stand him on my lap. Marvelous Mr. Motor-activity! Glenna was so happy to be able to hold him; she gave me her health report before we came older and asked if it would be all right. She's so cute. ;-) It was SOOOOO precious to see my Glenna holding YOUR little one, after all the years on Sunday morning when you would hold her for me!

Shannon said...

Okay, that picture with the beanie hat and the fingers...that could win a photo contest! Too precious!! Caiden still hasn't figured out how to get her fingers in her mouth and keep them there...I guess that will come later. ;) When it warms a little more, I'll call you and we can plan another walk!

Zona said...

Good for people to know.