Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oops! I Almost Forgot...

 Life at the Brannon Household in a Nutshell (because I'm sleepy!)

1. We're really working on this sleep thing with Iain. He wakes up a crazy amount of times per night and he's wearing us both out. So I'm reading everything I can on how to get babies to sleep without letting them cry it out, and we're trying new ideas. The current plan is supposed to be in effect for ten days and then re-evaluated. Pray that it works.

2. I started teaching again this week, three classes: two sewing and one SAT Prep. They all went well and today was delightfully hectic. There is a difference between hectic and delightfully hectic, and it was nice to be busy in a non-overwhelmed way. Also good to see baby Caiden. the Walter and Welsh clans, etc. I miss visiting with Circle people. It's like a part of my family that I don't often get to see.

3. Our dryer broke. The belt, I think. I attempted to fix it myself this evening (the DIY site on the internet made it look fairly easy) but was interrupted by an unusally fussy baby. I'll try again tomorrow and feel quite the handy- um, woman, if I can do it. I think it'll be tricker than it looked.

That's all for now, folks. Here's a fairly recent photo to keep grandparents coming back for more: Iain and his second-cousin Jessica in their Tennessee Vols outfits.

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Mrs said...

Oh! The bib was covering his "T" this morning! You mentioned it was a Tenn. Vols outfit, and I dumbly thought you were referring to the colors!

Thanks for the baby fix today. . . I feel completely satiated. I was careful to keep my hands off his hands and restricted my kisses to the back of his little head! I'm completely healthy though, I promise. ;-) While his pictures are precious, he's about 100% more wonderful when he's in my arms!

Praying for you and the sleep thing. In the meantime, sleep during the day while he's sleeping! Unless you're in the middle of a class, of course.