Sunday, January 07, 2007

Cloth Diapers and Christmas Pictures

Well, we've made the switch. Iain is now a cloth diaper baby, and so far, so good. We had heard nothing but horror stories from most everyone but thought we'd give it a try anyway, and with the new improved diapers they've come out with, it's actually really easy. We're glad it's working out so well as regular diapers sure are pricey.

I don't have any new pictures for this post, but I'll post a few more good ones from Christmas.

Iain with his grandma (who has yet to choose a grandmotherly name for herself!):

Even with his new toys and fun wrapping paper to play with, Iain was most fascinated with his dad's cds. This made us laugh and made Jeremy proud of his boy's good taste.
Me with my snuggle-bug:
And finally, Iain in his Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes:
P.S. We're still struggling with Iain and sleep. He just doesn't do it very well. Pray for us to have wisdom and for him to sleep.


Mrs said...

You surely didn't hear cloth diaper horror stories from me! I thought they were pretty easy. It was John who had trouble with pins because his fingers are so big. We used the velcro cloth wraps with Kelly and that was a little easier. Is that what you're using?

I must see this new fangled stuff!

I must see more of that incredibly cute baby! Thanks for feeding my addiction. ;-)

Mrs said...

PS I'm sure Iain will choose his grandma's moniker in time! Remember the whole Ya Ya thing? Ty's the one who named my Dad Boppa.

annie said...

He looks just like a jolly elf, with his rosy round cheeks and happy grin, striped suit and pointed hat!

I'm glad the cloth diapering system is working out for you. I must learn more of your experience! I've been checking out the Fuzzi Bunz (horrible name!) and Snappis, and am eager to try them, but everyone has been so discouraging. Most say the cost of disposables is worth the work and time saved with cloth. I also have several patterns for making my own cloth diapers and have thought I may try this while I'm still "in waiting". Nothing ventured nothing gained!

Shannon said...

I will pray for Iain's sleep when I am awake with Caiden at night. So good to see you today...sorry for the interruption. =)I can't wait to talk to you in detail about cloth diapering! You're my hero! (Don't worry- you'll still be even if you decide not to continue with the cloth adventure!)

Phyllis said...

No cloth diapering horror stories here! I think they work much better than disposables. :-)

Praying for Iain to sleep, and for you to have enough rest and patience while you're working on that.