Friday, October 28, 2011

Six Months Ago

Six months ago today, we met our daughter for the first time. This half-year has flown by, sped on by the relief of not waiting anymore. She is home, she is ours, we rejoice. Can you believe the difference six months, a family, and lots of love make?

And now:

Six months ago she couldn't sit up alone. Today, she is walking like a champ (she took her first steps on September 5).

She even stood up on her own without pulling up on anything for the first time today.
Six months ago today, her daddy and I were strangers to her, and her brothers were just pictures in a book. Today, she calls "Dada!" and then plays a silly game with him when he comes upstairs to see her. Today she comes to me for comfort when she falls. Today she grins and plays with her brothers whom she adores.

Six months ago today Laina's life changed immeasurably. Today, she spends an ordinary day with her family. And we are thankful.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cute Baby

Is this girl not the cutest thing you've ever seen?
(Annie, do you recognize the onesie?)

(Laina and the doll Nan gave her)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A New Word

Iain's decided he needs to make up new words. He wants them "spread all over the world," and he thought that the blog would be a good way to do that. Either that or going door-to-door in our neighborhood. I nixed that one. So, word of the day: magelastic. It means you like water, land, and rain. Got it? Good.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Great is His Faithfulness

When we started this adoption journey, Cory was one and a half years old, and Iain was not quite three. This picture was taken a few days after we submitted our first application to adopt--and a year and a few days before Laina was born.

We thought we'd be home with her for sure by the next summer, July of 2010. Cory was two and a half, and Iain was going on four. Laina had just been born.

(This picture was taken on the day Laina was born. Crazy, huh? Of course, we didn't know it until almost a year later. I wish I could remember what we did that day--besides, clearly, read books.)

And now she is home. In this picture, Cory was three and a half and Iain was nearly five. And Laina turned one, two years and eleven days after we started the journey. It's still hard to believe that she's here, home, ours. She is a testimony to God's faithfulness to our family every day, and with every smile she reminds us of grace.

Saturday, October 08, 2011


Iain's summary of our life thus far:

"You and Dad got married, and then a little while later, I came. Then a little while later, Cory came. Then a LONG time later, Laina! After checking LOTS of emails that were not the right one. How long was that? It took them a long time to decide. And then they gave us the cutest one."


Monday, October 03, 2011

The Five-Year-Old Camping Trip

The final birthday celebration: camping in the N's backyard in Tennessee. When we pulled into the driveway, the N kids and the B kids surrounded the car chanting, "Iain, Cory, Iain, Cory..." The boys thought it was hilarious. I thought what a weird family I have. :)

Friday afternoon, Aunt Steph took the kids for a ride in the trailer that I rode in as a kid, as did she, making it a three-generation trailer. They, of course, loved it.
Meanwhile Cassie and Laina walked around in the sunshine.

Laina was pretty much in heaven with so many people to walk her around. I don't think she stopped walking the whole night.
After that, we had a cookout over the campfire. Sam built the fire, much to my boys' amazement, and we have had countless discussions about Sam's fire-making ability since we got home. (That's Sam in the red shirt, FYI.)
Then we headed inside for the party. (What?! THAT wasn't the party?! Oh no. That was the warm-up.)

Iain had requested a Cars race track on a cookie cake. Ok, thought I. No biggie. Then the night before the camping trip, he told me it also needed to have a pit crew, a Dinoco tent, and a helicopter. :) I drew a sample Dinoco tent for him to approve, and he said it was not up to par. So he drew me one, and showed me how the Dinoco helicopter was to be landing on the tent. He even wrote Dinoco on it so I'd be sure to remember. As he was going to bed that night, he said, "Remember Mom. Dinoco. You can look at the King if you need to remember. Dinoco. Got it? Remember it, Mom. Dinoco. Ok?" (If you aren't quite as well-versed in Cars as we are, Dinoco is the sponsor that the cars all want to have. The King is a race car currently sponsored by Dinoco, so he has the words printed all over him.)

Anyway. Here was the result, and Iain said it was just like he imagined it would be. Phew!! (Thank goodness he's easy to please, if rather specific!)

When he blew out his candles, he made his wish out loud (so cute.). He wished for another Lightning shirt to wear. Aunt Steph handed him their present:
Meanwhile, Laina walked around with Nan and Uncle Randy:
(such a cute picture!)

The boys/menfolk slept outside in tents that night and had a great time. And we all got hot showers in the morning. Nice camping trip! :) On Saturday, we went to Bald Creek Falls (I think that's the right name?) for a picnic lunch, a hike, and some playing in the (very cold) water. It was a beautiful day.
We had such a nice weekend with the fam and the great outdoors. Thank you to everyone who came and partied down with us, and to the Ns for hosting the camping trip. It was Iain's dream come true. :)