Friday, October 28, 2011

Six Months Ago

Six months ago today, we met our daughter for the first time. This half-year has flown by, sped on by the relief of not waiting anymore. She is home, she is ours, we rejoice. Can you believe the difference six months, a family, and lots of love make?

And now:

Six months ago she couldn't sit up alone. Today, she is walking like a champ (she took her first steps on September 5).

She even stood up on her own without pulling up on anything for the first time today.
Six months ago today, her daddy and I were strangers to her, and her brothers were just pictures in a book. Today, she calls "Dada!" and then plays a silly game with him when he comes upstairs to see her. Today she comes to me for comfort when she falls. Today she grins and plays with her brothers whom she adores.

Six months ago today Laina's life changed immeasurably. Today, she spends an ordinary day with her family. And we are thankful.


Courtney Cassada said...

so precious. it IS so great to not be WAITING anymore, isn't it?? oh...that long wait.

YOUR hair has grown so much in 6 months! :-)

Adrienne said...

Laina, your Mommy has me in joyful tears with this post! You are growing and changing so much. I really like the determination on your face as you stood up without holding on to anything! You are truly not the same little girl we had the honor of meeting six months ago tomorrow. Addy sends her love to her dear Rwandan sister. We love you.

Jennifer Austin said...


I absolutely LOVE your post! Your pictures of Laina are fabulous. The changes in her are beautiful, and your sequence of her standing up to walk is priceless. We celebrated Isaac's Gotcha Day a couple weeks ago and it was such a sweet, sweet experience and chance to reflect on the Lord's faithfulness!

Christopher Ryan said...

Can hardly wait to meet her!!!