Saturday, January 04, 2014

Christmas 2013 in Pictures

Carriage ride with the Whatleys

 Santa! Laina was not sure about him. Neither was Mason.

Putting the angel on the tree.

New favorite hairdo.

Loving that he can read to them now.

They wanted to match, so they got themselves dressed.

My littlest boy.

Cory made this "man" and then shot arrows at him.

He won this candle in a bingo game. Then he gave it to me. Love this boy.

Christmas dress by Nona.

Decorating cookies on the Whatleys' front steps.

Mason LOVES the swing.

My sweet new niece Karolina!

Getting ready to look at Christmas lights.

Christmas Eve morning!

Christmas Eve afternoon games.

Christmas morning at Jenna's.

 Christmas afternoon back at home, reading. My favorite way to spend the afternoon, too.

Sweet, sleeping baby.

In Florida after church. We went south for Jeremy's high school reunion and to spend time with his folks. Mason was not happy in the restaurant after church, but sitting outside with his mama? He liked that just fine. Especially since he could dance around to the country music.

New Year's Eve popcorn and a movie.

The end! It was a whirlwind holiday season for sure!