Friday, March 28, 2008


At the age of ten weeks and three days, Cory has done the unheard of (at least in this house): he slept all the way through the night! He ate last at about 10:45 pm or so, went to sleep, and (with a few small wake-ups that only called for a pacifier) didn't wake up again until 6:40 am. Yay Cory!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Kitchen Elf

(or Kitchen Gnome?)

Everyone should have one or two of these cheery guys around.

Kitchen Elves love to be in the middle of the action. In fact, this is their favorite place to be when there is cooking going on.

Sometimes they help themselves to food without asking, when you're not looking. They especially love apples.

They can look kind of scary while eating...

...but they always reward you with a silly smile as a way of saying thanks.

Little Kitchen Elf, you're welcome anytime!

Trying Again

The last post (Best Buddies) didn't work for some reason. Here's another shot at it:

Note: Due to the fact that I am late getting a post up at all, and that I once again have too many pictures, I am making this a series of short posts. Check back soon for more!

Iain and Noah are best buds. They absolutely LOVE to play together. And unlike most kids their age, they don't just play near each other; they really interact and have fun together. On Wednesday, Lauren and Noah came over to play and for dinner. Like the boys they are, Iain and Noah had the most fun when they were chasing, tackling, rolling, climbing, shrieking, and head-butting each other. See below for some of the fun:

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Boys

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Iain's new fascination (besides the lake and the ducks and the bump) is dandelions. Thanks to his help (constantly picking and blowing the seeds all over the yard), many of the yellow flowers are blooming in our yard and the neighbor's. And when they turn into delightful balls of fuzz, watch out! Any attempt at getting in the car or returning from the car to the house (or from anywhere to the house) will be thwarted by cries of "Dan! Bow!" as he runs to pick the dandelions and blow on them. Too cute!

Watch Them Grow!

On Friday of last week, Iain turned eighteen months old! And on the next day, Cory turned two months!

Iain as a newborn:

At six months:

At one year:

On his eighteen-month birthday!

Cory as a newborn:

On his one-month birthday:

And on his two month birthday:

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Once Again...

... I have too many pictures for just one post. I think I need to try posting twice a week again - I just have such cute kids, I can't resist putting up all the pictures I can! So here we go:

Iain's new favorite thing to do is to walk to a lake about two miles (?) away and feed the ducks. If I ask him at any given time, here's how the conversation will go:

Me: Iain, do you want to do for a walk?
Iain: Huh. (currently the way he says yes, though it's slowly changing to "zzaaa!")
Me: Where do you want to walk?
Iain: Lake.
Me: What will we see at the lake?
Iain: Ducks.
Me: What will we do?
Iain: Feed.
Me: What will we feed them?
Iain: Bread.

Here's how Cory participates:

A new compare and contrast for your viewing pleasure: Here we have Iain and Cory (Iain is about a month and a half here, and Cory is almost two months), in the same crib looking at the same bee mobile. And they both love(d) it! Cory is more enthralled than Iain was at that age, but Iain likes to watch them with Cory now! Can you tell who is who?

Here's the little helper making cookies with Dada, and washing dishes with Mama.

And here's what he does when asked to show his muscles!

I've been trying to capture Cory's best smile on "film." He has many smiles, but there's one really special one that says, in Jeremy's translation, "you're my favorite person in the whole world, and I didn't realize you were here until just now." I still haven't caught that smile with the camera, but I have gotten some other good ones while trying. And whenever I try to get Cory to smile, Iain wants in on the action too, making a goofy smiley face himself.

We had a good visit with Jeremy's brother Phil and Phil's girlfriend Kelly on Monday. Note especially Iain's outfit of choice. Maybe he'll be a fashion designer: shorts and a t-shirt over jeans and a long sleeved shirt, and one shoe off is a great new look for the spring line!

BTW: In the bee mobile pictures, Iain is in stripes and Cory is in solid blue.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fun Times

We went to visit Yaya on Monday so she could meet Cory. We had a very nice time! Iain calls her "La."

Iain is learning to identify letters and point them out, saying their names. So far, he knows A, B, C, D, E, F, G, P, O, and W. It's so fun to see him learning! He'll be looking at a book or a paper bag, or something at the store and start saying the name of a letter he sees - and he's almost always right! He does call 4's A's, and 8's are B's, but you know they do look alike. :) The other day at lunch, he's be sitting quietly and then suddenly look at one of us and yell "C!" or "B!" or another one he's working on. You have to wonder what he's thinking about that reminds him. Anyway, in this picture, he's showing Yaya his letters as Jeremy writes them.

Yesterday was turning into a long day. Still an hour from dinnertime, Iain was antsy, Cory had been fussing and trying to get to sleep for about an hour with no success, and I was out of ideas. We had been listening to the thunder for a while (Iain tried to teach Cory to say "thunder" by getting up close to his face and saying very slowly and clearly "s-s-s-thun."). When it started to rain, I opened the front door so we could sit and watch it, which we usually do. But this time, Iain, in his socks, wandered out onto the front porch. He looked at me for permission and when I told him it was okay, he made his way to the edge to touch, play, and watch the rain. He's my son after all! We came back inside to remove socks, put Cory in the baby pack, and headed out. It was drippy by this time, but the heavy rain had stopped. Iain let the water from the roof pour over his head. He splashed in shallow driveway puddles. He got an ant bite and hardly noticed. He ran around in the wet grass. He went down the wet slide. He talked about the rain, the thunder, and the lemons and grapefruit on the trees next door. What fun! And as a wonderful bonus, once he was snuggled down in the baby carrier, Cory went right to sleep!

Then we wandered down the road to the better puddles in my mom's and Nan's driveways. My mom took these last three pictures. The rain saved the day - we all felt so much better and we even pushed dinner back half an hour to prolong the fun!

Is it just me, or do all the colors in the world look brighter and prettier after a good rain?

And this morning, when I asked Iain what he would like to do today, he said "rain!" Over and over he has asked me if he can go play in the rain today. The only trouble is... it's not raining.