Thursday, March 13, 2008

Once Again...

... I have too many pictures for just one post. I think I need to try posting twice a week again - I just have such cute kids, I can't resist putting up all the pictures I can! So here we go:

Iain's new favorite thing to do is to walk to a lake about two miles (?) away and feed the ducks. If I ask him at any given time, here's how the conversation will go:

Me: Iain, do you want to do for a walk?
Iain: Huh. (currently the way he says yes, though it's slowly changing to "zzaaa!")
Me: Where do you want to walk?
Iain: Lake.
Me: What will we see at the lake?
Iain: Ducks.
Me: What will we do?
Iain: Feed.
Me: What will we feed them?
Iain: Bread.

Here's how Cory participates:

A new compare and contrast for your viewing pleasure: Here we have Iain and Cory (Iain is about a month and a half here, and Cory is almost two months), in the same crib looking at the same bee mobile. And they both love(d) it! Cory is more enthralled than Iain was at that age, but Iain likes to watch them with Cory now! Can you tell who is who?

Here's the little helper making cookies with Dada, and washing dishes with Mama.

And here's what he does when asked to show his muscles!

I've been trying to capture Cory's best smile on "film." He has many smiles, but there's one really special one that says, in Jeremy's translation, "you're my favorite person in the whole world, and I didn't realize you were here until just now." I still haven't caught that smile with the camera, but I have gotten some other good ones while trying. And whenever I try to get Cory to smile, Iain wants in on the action too, making a goofy smiley face himself.

We had a good visit with Jeremy's brother Phil and Phil's girlfriend Kelly on Monday. Note especially Iain's outfit of choice. Maybe he'll be a fashion designer: shorts and a t-shirt over jeans and a long sleeved shirt, and one shoe off is a great new look for the spring line!

BTW: In the bee mobile pictures, Iain is in stripes and Cory is in solid blue.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! The boys look identical in the crib pics! I can't wait to see y'all at Jenna's wedding! I hope you enjoyed the revival in Atlanta!
I miss everyone,

Mrs said...

Awww, you gave the answer! I was going to answer! I knew Iain was the bottom picture, but boy do they look alike!

Iain's grinning picture looks like Aunt Haylee.