Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Trying Again

The last post (Best Buddies) didn't work for some reason. Here's another shot at it:

Note: Due to the fact that I am late getting a post up at all, and that I once again have too many pictures, I am making this a series of short posts. Check back soon for more!

Iain and Noah are best buds. They absolutely LOVE to play together. And unlike most kids their age, they don't just play near each other; they really interact and have fun together. On Wednesday, Lauren and Noah came over to play and for dinner. Like the boys they are, Iain and Noah had the most fun when they were chasing, tackling, rolling, climbing, shrieking, and head-butting each other. See below for some of the fun:

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Mrs said...

At last, I was able to view the pictures! That's pretty amazing how they play WITH each other instead of just NEAR each other. So rare!