Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Six Months Today!

Today, our little man Cory Daniel is six months old! It's hard to believe - it sure has gone by quickly. When Iain turned six months, I did a post comparing him: newborn and six-month-er. So here's the Cory version (click here to see Iain's, if you want to compare).

Weight then: 9lbs 6 oz
Weight now: 17 lbs 8 oz

Length then: 21 inches
Length now: 28 inches

The brothers then:

The brothers now:

Cory's favorite activity then:

And now:

(although the bouncy seat, and being held rank a close second)

Favorite food then: milk
Favorite food now: milk

New discoveries then: the world :)
New discoveries now: his tongue :)

New skills then: everything needed to sustain life
New skills now: trying desperately to crawl, but just ending up rolling wherever he wants to go. Scoots a little bit mostly by accident, because of the sheer determination with which he waves his arms and legs when on his tummy. Doesn't sit yet, but I think that's going to be soon.

Cory is a happy, sweet, contented baby. He loves his brother and other people about his size; they make him laugh when they come near him. He lunges for the walker when he sees it, and can move across the floor remarkably quickly - he always makes for the garbage can and tips it over, or if we remember to move it, he attacks the microwave cart. He smiles when he wakes up. And he likes to snuggle. He has a thing for holding on to hair (his own or mine), especially as he's going to sleep.

Happy six months, Cory!

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