Thursday, March 15, 2007

Two Posts in One

Due to blogger being unwilling to load pictures, last week's post was delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience. :) Here's last week's post, which should have gone up last Wednesday, Iain's six-month birthday:

Today, Iain Mark is six months old. I thought it would be fun to compare the six-month-old Iain with the newborn one:

Weight Then: 8lb 12 oz
Weight Now: 23.5 lbs

Height Then: 23 inches
Height Now: 29 inches

Family Photo Then:

Family Photo Now:
New Tricks Then: um... breathing, eating, sleeping, making cute faces, moving arms and legs, trying out lungs, etc, etc, etc.
New Tricks Now: practicing sitting and trying to scoot

Favorite Dayime Activity Then:
Favorite Daytime Activity Now:

(note: in the week since I originally wrote this post, Iain's favorite activity has changed. Now the jumpy seat holds his attention only briefly, but sitting up in a laundry basket, so he doesn't topple over, and playing with his toys has become the new favorite!)

Menu Then: milk
Menu Now: milk, rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and the new favorite: squash!

Musical Inclination Then:
Musical Inclination Now:
Happy Six Months, Iain!

Well. House-wise, we did finally get the slab poured, only two days late. We also had some electrical work done (preliminary stuff) and Jeremy and I are working a few hours at a time to fill the cement block cells on the four corners of the laundry room. We also bought a stackable washer and dryer from Craigslist, which will save us several feet of living space.

Iain is still teething, but seems to be not quite as miserable as he was before. He is sleeping moderately well at night and today he napped exceptionally well! He also sat up for ten minutes before tumbling over.

Since I haven't been able to post in a while, I have a backlog of cute Iain photos.
Here are some more family photos. Iain was being rather wiggly and fussy so we had a hard time getting a good smile out of him!

Trying to coax a smile:

Iain up a tree:

Well, dinner time is upon us. The other cute Iain pictures will have to wait. Coming soon: Iain has his first taste of a family favorite. Tune in next time!


Mrs said...

The picture of Iain and Jeremy looking at each other while he sits on your lap is my FAVORITE!!!!

Kudos on the then/now segment! How wonderfully clever! It's amazing to see how far he's come in such a "short" time.

Love to all of you!

Shannon said...

Allie- beautiful comparison. I can hardly believe that they grow so much in 6 months! Caiden will be three months on Tuesday and already she seems so big. (Not compared to Iain, but, compared to what she started out as... =) As always, he is precious!

sidonie said...

Keep up the good work, Iain! Enjoy this time. This is the only season of your life that friends and family will applaud you for tripling your weight in a 6 month period:). Send my love to Mom and Dad!

Mrs said...

Sidonie, you're the best! LOL!!!