Sunday, March 04, 2007

Outdoor Fun

The other day, after a particularly fussy morning, Iain and I needed a break from looking at the same walls of our house. It was abeautiful day and I had some potted plants I had been meaning to re-pot, so we headed outside. Iain, as usual, loved being outdoors, and the weather was beautiful. I put him in his jumparoo so he could look around (instead of laying him on his back where he could only look up). As I potted my plants, I would look up and catch him looking around and smiling to himself. He didn't even jump - just sat there looking at the trees, the grass, the birds... I think we have ourselves an outdoor lover, and I am glad.


Mrs said...

A book lover AND an outdoor lover? Does it get any better than that?

Of course, who WOULDN'T love the outdoors in March? March is the best Florida has to offer. I hope to use Glenna's arm as an excuse to ditch school as much as possible!

BTW, March 12 -- 16 is our Spring Break. We won't be coming over for sewing that week. Heads-up.

Phyllis said...

Oooo! Green grass, sunshine, barefoot baby outside. . . lovely!

Shannon said...

I agree- March is the best! I'm so glad Iain is enjoying it and giving you an opportunity to enjoy it too!