Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Some Updates

Sleep Update: after the last post, you may be thinking that our lives have dramatically changed...but unfortunately, they haven't. We've had one other great night of sleep since then, one decent one, one terrible one, and the rest have been average. Ah well. I'll still take the good ones when they come, even if they are infrequent. Needless to say, I'm frequenting the library and reading everything they have on baby sleep.

House Update: plumbing is in, though it failed inspection today (we hear our city is one of the hardest in which to get things passed). It should be fixed tomorrow. Electrical will soon follow, as will the pouring of the slab!

Adorable Baby Update: Iain is sitting up in his swing and trying to sit up in his carseat. He alternates between gulping down whatever rice cereal is offered, and being so interested in anything and everything around him that he can't seem to remember to eat. Today, for the first time, he laughed at silliness (as opposed to tickling). He also has developed the funny habit of scratching at fabric with his fingertips - whatever fabric is near him. His seatbelt. his clothes, my clothes, the glider, etc. I think he's going to be a tactile and kinesthetic learner.

The other day, he rolled from back to front (something he is quite good at) and got stuck (something he often does). Jeremy and I were both in the kitchen in the middle of things, so it took us a bit longer to come to his rescue than it usually does. He squawked and wiggled for a minute, and then, having had quite enough, he put his face down into the carpet and cried/yelled angrily. It was pitiful and just a bit funny. :) Don't worry, we rescued the poor thing.

Last weekend, we had a good visit with Jeremy's parents. Iain enjoyed showing off his jumping skills and charming them however he could. They commented on how interested he is in everything, always looking around and taking it all in.

Now for some cute shots.

Sitting in the swing:

Reaching for the camera:
Just for fun:
Rice cereal (literally) from head to toe:
Our Little Bookworm (he squirmed off the blanket and was lying there quite contentedly with his book and his plug when I came back in the room):


Mrs said...

Oh yes, a book lover! Praise the Lord! :-D

Love, love, love the updates and pictures. Thank you for feeding my addiction!

Good news on Glenna's arm in my blog. Please keep track of what I owe you! I'm so confused these days on where my children have to be at any given time . . . I just know someone's going to be left in the rain somewhere.

Shannon said...

Guess what? I think Caiden is going to be a kinesthetic learner too! She is constantly touching things, running her feet over whatever is within her reach while nursing, etc. The good thing is that it makes her prone to cuddliness. ;) We can brainstorm together how to teach these children of ours about life- I have a feeling that there will be many "field" trips and experiments in our future!=)