Monday, February 12, 2007


What a week! We're finally getting stuff going on the house construction, after so many months of paperwork, permits, etc. The footers are being dug tomorrow, the plumbers should be coming this week, the sprinkler system will hopefully be moved this week as well, the dumpster is coming tonight for the concrete we jackhammered from the carport, etc, etc. Yay!

Iain is still recovering from what turned out to be a very long, though not severe (thankfully!) cold. A few more days and I think he'll be back at 100%. His sleep habits are still not too great. At night, he's still waking 4 or more times, though only two are for eating, and most are short-lived and it's easy to get him back down. Once or so a night (besides feeding times) he'll be up for about an hour off and on; this is the one we're trying to eliminate. Naptimes are 20 minute catnaps most of the time. Funny kid.

He's rolling in earnest now, back to front. He rarely does front to back (the one babies usually perfect first), so he frequently ends up frustrated and stranded on his belly. :)

Rice cereal is still going strong. as you can see:
Here are the promised superbowl pictures. Don't worry, they didn't sit there and watch tv the whole time. Iain actually rolled around on the floor most of the time, screeching like a pterodactyl. Good thing we weren't with football fanatics or his loud noises may have disrupted the game!

And the ever-popular jumparoo, still the favorite pastime of the little grasshopper. Sorrry about the cut-off one; he jumped right out of the picture, but the smile was so cute, I couldn't resist. Please also overlook the spit-up-y bib....

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Mrs said...

Prayerfully, if the Lord keeps your two families nearby for a long time, the boys could look back on those pictures and laugh! Too cute!

I hope he starts to like sleeping soon. My newborn son (now almost 18) has odd sleep patterns, too. He can't seem to sleep until 1 or 2 am, then has trouble waking up in the morning. He'll get out of bed but doesn't function until 4 pm. I've noticed my baby girl (now 14) developing the same pattern! I hope it's not contageous.