Sunday, February 18, 2007

House and Zoo

Or, The House is a Zoo

Get ready for a whole lot of pictures!

House: the work is progressing rather quickly. This week, we hauled off that huge pile of concrete that has been in our driveway for weeks. We had friends over to help (we treated them to slurpees afterwards:) and many hands did indeed make light work. We were done in about an hour and a half, and it was a LOT of rock! Now the fill dirt is in and graded, the plumbers have been and will come again on Tuesday, the footers and preliminary electrical work will also go in this week, and we'll hopefully be pouring slab before we know it. It's exciting to finally see work being done. Oh, and our front door works again now, too.

rock pile before:

work on the rock pile:

Zoo: Iain's first trip to the zoo took place this Friday. My aunt and cousins were in town, so they, Nan, Haylee, and her two babysitting charges (also related to us), Iain and I enjoyed a chilly day at the zoo. It was a lot of fun - stuff like that is always more fun when you're with kids. Iain divided the time between his stroller and the arms of various people. Don't know how much he got out of seeing animals, but he loves the great outdoors and so was quite content, right up until the end.

Iain and the parrot:

More fascinated with the water bottle - we could have saved ourselves some money, I think.

Iain and Nan (love this one):

In front of the monkey cage. The monkeys were siamangs - very loud with a throat sack that inflates. They make their noises by blowing across their throat much like you might do with a coke bottle. Anyway, I thought their noises were very interesting.

The Iain and the tortoise:
Us and the elephant, right before Iain reached the end of his happy day and began the tired one:

The gang:

My sweet boy:

He hardly lasted until we pulled out of the parking lot before falling asleep. Poor little guy - a full day of animal watching wore him plumb out.


Phyllis said...

Jaan sits down at the computer and asks to look at Baby Iain almost every day. He loved this post!

Mrs said...

Hooray for cute little babies, their Nans, cousins, and Mammas! Hooray for Florida and being able to take such beautiful outdoor pictures in February!

Hooray for projects IN PROCESS! (see my Plumbing blog, LOL) I love when things are moving along and NOT being "lived with" as is. Much better. I can take any amount of chaos as long as I know progress is being made!