Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Last night went something like this:

7:00 - Iain is in his bed asleep.
9:00 - Iain wakes up; I go in and try to get him back down. I don't feed him.
10:00 - Iain is again in his bed asleep. Anticipating getting up to feed him in half an hour, I head to bed myself.
12:00 - Iain wakes up to eat, an hour and a half later than normal!
1:00 - Iain is back in bed. I expect Jeremy to get up with him at least twice before 3, at which time, I take over again and usually feed him at 3:30-4. Instead... drumroll please...
5:30 - We finally hear the boy waking up to eat. He slept 4.5 hours. It was wonderful and I felt so much better in the morning. Please pray that it wasn't just a fluke - maybe he has turned a developmental corner.... I'm not counting any unhatched chickens, but it sure would be wonderful.

The jumpy seat remains on of the best places to take cute Iain pictures:


annie said...

Oh how I loved seeing that sweet boy! And you both, too, of course :) It was so wonderful to hear that happy baby laugh I've been waiting for. PTL he's sleeping! We're still praying!

Mrs said...

Oh . . . how precious to have HOURS of sleep strung together! I'll pray it wasn't a fluke, either.

Agreed . . . jumpy seat = cute pictures. Please don't think we're ever bored with a single one!

Shannon said...

Praise Jesus for sleep!!! Yeah! We're so happy for you!! Still praying! =)