Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sitting, Scooting, and If the Creek Don't Rise

Iain is almost six months old. Can you believe it? He is working on sitting in earnest now though he still tumbles almost every time. He is also teething in earnest, which is tough on the poor little guy. He's not a cryer (a fusser at times, but he doesn't often actually cry hard), but the past few days, it seems every time he tries to nurse he just cries and cries. It's so pitiful! Pray for his teeth to come in soon and with as little pain as possible.

In the swing:
I must say, though, even with the teeth troubles, he is sleeping a bit better. Last night, he woke up three times instead of four (or eight), and I think had his teeth not bothered him, he wouldn't have awakened the last time. So praise the Lord for progress.
Fun floor time:

Aunt Haylee really wanted Iain to scoot before she left for the month. She practiced with him this last week, and eventually, he learned that he can propel himself forward if someone puts their hand behind his feet for him to push off. He really, really wants to crawl! He gets frustrated that he can't, even though he can roll himself wherever he wants to go (and does so!). I think once he really gets moving, there will be no stopping this active boy. Anyway, when he tries to scoot, he grunts and groans and makes you think he was trying to lift the refrigerator. Very dramatic boy.

Aunt Kelsey came to visit (well, she didn't come for the express purpose of visiting Iain, but we like to think she did). She was a good sport and fed Iain his sweet potato and rice cereal lunch, which was fun for us all to watch. They both made quite a mess of themselves and each other. Aleah, Grace and Jake were over, so Iain had quite an audience as he chowed down.

Last bit of news for the evening: we are pouring slab tomorrow (if the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise, that is). It really feels like we're moving on this house project, finally. We spent the weekend emptying the laundry room and tearing down the walls, removing the sink, washer, dryer, hot water heater and miscellaneous pipes. Uncle Alex and my mom helped out a great deal, and Nan took Iain for a stroll so we could finish up today. Jeremy loved demolishing the walls with the sledgehammer - actually grinned while smashing away. Must be a guy thing. The "room" looks strange now, like a stage waiting for a play to be performed. And tomorrow, we will have slab! A good way to start off spring break.





Mrs said...

Oh Allie! The picture of Aunt Kelsey all bent over, trying to find the opening for the sweet potatoes; I laughed and laughed! I'm still grinning!

WOW! What a lot of work you finished! I'm so excited for you and the progress being made. I'll be by later to drop of Ty's practice test, but I wanted to send a line!

annie said...

Cutie cutie! I so badly wanted to get down on the floor and play with him on Friday, but I have a hard time doing that sort of thing now :) Happy Spring Break!

Mrs said...

Iain. .. .go to sleeeeeep . . . you're getting sleeeeeppppyyy. . . . go to sleeeeeeep . . . .

Shannon said...

No, I can't believe he is six months old! I still remember seeing you at Circle for the play and you lamenting on when the sweet child would make his appearance... How time flies!! Yeah for progress on the house! I'm rejoicing with you!

Mrs said...

So, is there progress, or were you given the "two weeks" statement? I guess I could wait until Wednesday to find out!