Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Cory-Nation

(title by Grace and Aleah:)

We dedicated Cory to the Lord on Sunday (7/20). Grammy and Papa were there, as well as Yaya, Phil and Kelly, Nona and Haylee, Nan, the Bells, Uncle Alex, Aleah, Grace, Jake, and Lauren. After the service, we all headed back in the hotter-than-hot heat for some icecream at our place. We had a houseful - Joe and Jana and their boys stopped by as well - and a wonderful time. Thanks everyone who came!

Here's what we read to Cory:

Corrin, spear-carrier of the Lord, we dedicate you now to Jesus Christ.

We will provide you with a home where Jesus is loved and obeyed, where God’s love, truth and laughter have free reign and where you will be prepared for the mission God has for you.

We believe that your strong and steadfast love for God will leave its mark on your generation.

We will raise you with a knowledge of God’s Word, an awareness of His Presence, a sensitivity to His Voice, and an unquenchable love for Him.

You will not be overcome by evil, but you will overcome darkness with God’s kindness and compassion, bringing God’s help, encouragement, and healing to those in need.

We love you, Cory!

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By the way, this is my 100th post. And it only took me three years. :)


Anonymous said...

Umm hey lady...we were there too...

-FGM :)

Allie said...

I fixed it! Sorry! And I even had Jake in one of the pictures, and your and Grace's title. Can we chalk it up to mommy-brain?