Thursday, September 15, 2011

Iain is Five!

The long-awaited, now-I-can-chew-gum birthday is here. Yesterday was the big day, and Iain opened his cards, his present from Grammy and Papa (a Playmobil castle or fort which he and Cory have played with non-stop since--who needs school?) and his present from Cory (a piggy bank. "Just what I always wanted!" shrieked the birthday boy in delight).

Watching a video from Grammy and Papa:
Not sure which boy likes the present better:

(Last day as a four--exciting for him, a bit sad for me!)
(First day as a five! Taken on the way to bed--I almost forgot.)
Today, we had a birthday breakfast for him with the Stephens, the Burtons, and the Whatleys at "the House of Waffles" before our science co-op. The eleven (!!) children eight and under behaved remarkably well up until the very end (well, except for the ketchup in the hair incident) and Iain declared Waffle House bacon the best bacon he's had in his whole life. (See why we keep the parties coming for this guy? He's so enthusiastic and easy to please!)

The gang:
The boys (minus Isaiah):
The girls (minus Laina and Hannah):
Sticky, noisy, tasty fun:
So cute:

Later this month, we're going camping with the cousins--the thing Iain requested above all. That will (finally) wrap up the birthday festivities.

The big moment: gum! He was so darn excited about this. He wanted me to do it with him. That's how he says it: do gum. :)

In case you want to look back, here are the former Iain birthday posts:

Iain, you are a joy. You are hilarious, smart, empathetic, and generous. You gave Cory three of your birthday dollars yesterday just to be sweet. You have a long fuse, and you laugh a lot. You love to play and sing and be silly. You love books, and you really love math. You are a wonderful big brother to Cory and Laina.

You have a sense of justice and a love for Jesus. You are a true follower of Jesus and you really want to obey Him. We are so happy that you belong to Jesus.

You are a wonderful, sweet, fun boy and we love you so much.


julieamazed said...

Happy Birthday, Iain!! I haven't see you since you were a baby but I get to see pictures of you in your mom's blog. What a big boy you have become! Have lots of fun camping!
Julie May (your mom and dad's friend)

Shannon said...

Hey, that's when my girls are allowed to chew gum too! =)

Happy birthday Iain! Caiden and Addison miss playing with you and Cory. We hope you have great fun camping with your cousins and Caiden hopes you see deer, but not bears while you're there! =) Maybe the next time you're in Orlando you can come play!
Love, The McLaughlins

Kat said...

Thanks, Allie. It's getting harder by the week because we don't know exactly when it means 6 months and our file closing. Hoping and praying we get matched before then. I appreciate your prayers more than you know. Hope to post good news soon.

Anonymous said...

Really great photos and story!

Christopher Ryan said...

Yay! I know I'm far behind here, but just had to send congratulations and love to our 5 year old nephew! Happy Birthday, Iain! We love you!