Sunday, September 04, 2011

Rewind: Laina's Birthday Party

Okay, this post might be just a little (ahem, almost two months) late. What can I say? We've been busy.

But not too busy to party down for Laina's first birthday! Lindy and Liz, and Aunt Donis, along with most of my family came to get the party ready. Lindy found some adorable pink lemonade party ideas on Pinterest (where else?) and the party was beautiful and so fun. We were so glad to be able to celebrate our dear girl's first birthday with her!

(hanging the Happy Birthday Laina banner)

(we had lemonade in cute glass bottles, pink cupcakes in jars, cookies with sprinkles, pink and yellow pinwheels, and lemons everywhere)

(LOVE this picture!)

The boys found Princess Laina this crown. They love playing princess and knights with her. She did not love her cupcake. In fact, she gagged on it.
She was much happier in her headband and chewing on a lemon. :)
Opening presents...
The turtle thing was hilarious: Mom got Laina this stuffed turtle and when she opened it, she started growling and attacking it. Over and over. We were laughing so hard--she'd stop and look at it, and then attack it again.
Party guests (minus a few):
(Laina and Uncle Chris)

(with Sarah and Hannah Joy)

(with Aunt Lindy)

(with Aunt Jen)

(Cassie, Haylee, Jess, Micah)

(cousin Addie)

(devoted brothers)

(Penny and Liz)

Happy birthday, dear girl! We love you so!

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Mrs said...

All that pink sugary sweetness; yes, please!

I've not tried Turtle growling, but I might look into it.