Sunday, September 14, 2008

Iain Turns Two!

Today is the big day! Yesterday, we had a party in the backyard - family mostly - complete with a trampoline! It was a terrific party, so fun to see Iain actually understanding that the party was for him, and that it was his birthday. He had asked for ice cream and cookies, so that's what he got. He was excited about the candles, and about his new birthday super hero cape. Among the favorite presents: the trampoline, a bubble mower, a tool bench, a toy helicopter, a basketball hoop, a scooter, a potty book.

As Iain opened his presents, I understood Lauren's thoughts: gifts for the child really equal gifts for the mother. Each one bought me minutes of get-dinner-ready or read-a-book or sew-something or clean-something or work-on-the-blog time!

He's growing and developing so fast now: singing songs, reciting poems (ones he heard months ago and not since), jumping with both feet off the ground, talking CONSTANTLY, coloring and painting, just being a little boy and having fun. He's such a blessing to us - smart, creative, funny, loving.

Happy birthday, Iain! We love you!

(here comes a ton of birthday pictures!)

On his Birth-Day:(click here and here for the original posts)

On his first birthday: (click here and here for those posts)

On his second birthday (today): The fellows play with the tool bench.

Party time! (yesterday)

p.s. Lauren and I made the super hero capes for the boys. We're thinking of selling them online. Thoughts?


Mrs said...

I hope Noah and Iain are friends forever, so you can have that picture of them in their superhero capes on their graduation day!

The capes are fantastic. What toddler/pre-schooler doesn't love a cape? I say go for it, and the customization would be a terrific selling point.

PS I just returned from retreat and Glenna says there's a rumor about a JV girls Bible study? I pray it's true!

Lauren said...

I LOVE the birthday post, the pics, and the new blog look! I think I need to make you a cape, Supermama.

And I agree with "mrs"---the boys are destined to be friends forever!!