Wednesday, September 24, 2008

His Name is Boz the B-O-Z!

For his birthday, Iain got Boz the green bear and his music cd from Grammy and Papa. He LOVES it. I hear requests - "I want some BOZ!" - many times a day. Sometimes, Iain calls him "Bah!" which makes us laugh.

His favorite song is called Hoop-de-Hoop. He sings the whole chorus
"Hoop-de-hoop, hoop-de-hoop,
More fun than flock chickens coop
Holler hoop, hoop-de-hoop,
Makin' noise rock-n-woll goop."

At least, that's Iain's take on it. So we looked up chicken coops on line, because he kept saying, "what is?" and "chicken coop is?" and now he knows they are little houses for chickens. He loves to sing this song as he jumps on the trampoline especially, and he grins when it comes on.

It's a great cd to dance to, both boys agree. Iain's dancing is mostly jumping around. Cory's is bopping. See following video (and tell me they're not the cutest!). Iain is holding Boz as he hops.

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Iain also likes to sing the song that talks about fruit being yummy, a rainbow in my tummy. This boy is singing up a storm these days. And I think we'll be hearing a lot more Boz in the future!


Mrs said...

I agree, too cute! I love how the boys interact with each other.

annie said...

Ah! So now I now what Boz is! My mother-in-law gave us a little book, "Learn your ABCs with Boz." Or something. She said she found it in the Christian bookstore at their church. I thought it was a little odd, a green bear talking about God? I had no idea it was a whole phenomenon!

I love the playroom you have set up. We need a better situation for our things, though we really don't have that much. I feel like Isabel's little corner is exploding out of control and I don't have the energy to keep up with it or find better storage solutions.

And, I like this background better than the brown one. It makes it easier to read. :)