Monday, September 08, 2008

Last Post For Daddy

We're home now. But here's what we did on our last day in Alabama:

Played in the Mr. and Mrs. W's yard. They have chickens which were fun to watch, and grape vines that were beautiful. What did you call these, Jenna? (By the way, the boy is David, their next-door-neighbor.)

And of course, played on their tractor.

Rode in the dump truck with Uncle Curtis and Aunt Jenna, and watched it dump brush onto the burn pile. Iain happily commented, "I am one of the men!" (He was referring to the garbage men.) He also said the dump truck sounded like an elephant - and it did!

And since we've been home, two milestones:

Cory can pull up to standing, now!

And today, he had his first taste of finger food. The verdict? Yummy!

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