Wednesday, September 03, 2008

For Daddy

Well, the boys and I are in Alabama (with Nona) visiting Jenna and Curtis. We surprised Jenna; Curtis walked in the house with Iain, who delightfully chirped "surprise!" But we all miss Jeremy/Daddy! So here's a taste of what we did today (minus the looong drive that began at 3am and during which Iain slept not a wink).

Played outside:

Played inside:

Played drums:

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(Iain played guitar mostly, but I didn't get a picture of that. Cory LOVES these drums - I think they may be his percussive instrument of choice, Jeremy!)

*Uncle Curtis was cleaning out a storage unit and bequeathed to Iain with a stuffed duck (slightly icky), a remote control, a cell phone, and a basket to keep it all in. Iain's thrilled!
*On the drive up, Iain was telling Bible stories. The best parts: David hit Goliath with a rock, right in the cheese! (??) And Ikea was a wee little man. After he met Jesus, they went back to Ikea's house for drinks.
*Jenna gave Iain a bath during which she taught him to say "mocha cappuccino!"
*Cory is adorable.
*Pray for us: Cory is sniffly and coughing, Iain is doing remarkably better (last day for double-dosing the vitamins, I think), but my throat is awfully sore. And we ALL NEED SLEEP!
*Uncle Curtis and Iain are currently doing push ups and somersaults. Well, Curtis isn't somersaulting. Yet.

*Iain insists upon doing his push ups on the wet towel from his bath. The he says "I sleep." Then he gets up and does more.

We miss you and we love you!

Allie, Iain, and Cory

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Mrs said...

I know this was for Daddy, but WOW, look at Cory sitting up! Amazing!