Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Every Good and Perfect Gift

Sorry it took so long to put up anything more about Iain - and thanks to those of you who are still checking the blog! Right now, he's napping in his baby swing and looking adorable. He smiles in his sleep - really, he does!

Anyway, an update. Iain was actually born at a hospital, which was not the plan, but turned out to be the way it went. I began having back spasms during the pushing stage and had to go in at that point. He was born about two hours after we got there. The OB said we could leave right away, but the hospital has a 24-hour baby rule, so we had to stay. Needless to say, we were thrilled to get home!

Iain sleeps pretty well and is getting better at nursing. I think this swing will be very helpful because he really seems to love it. He is alert a lot of the time, looking around with his big blue eyes. Yes, blue eyes and dark blond-ish hair. He also has long fingers and feet and a dimple in his chin and in his cheek. Too cute!

We had lots of family in this past weekend. Iain's aunt Kelsey took pictures of him (well, lots of people took pictures of him - he is related to my side of the family after all, and we take pictures!), which are posted below. We especially like the drum picture; do we have a future drummer on our hands?

I am enjoying being home with him and Jeremy is missing him when at work. We're both loving learning to be parents. Jeremy is a great dad already and Iain loves when he bounces him, walks with him, and sings to him. Jeremy is great at calming him down when he's crying, too.

I'll get some emails happening as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience! And I'm sorry to those of you who wanted to be contacted during labor or after and weren't; it was a crazy time and then we didn't have our phone list with us at the hospital... you understand. I apologize.

About the bubble: we had a sonogram done on Iain Monday. Looks like it is nothing immediate, but they are going to keep watching it. We should hear more soon, as the radiographer will be sending us the official report. Keep praying!

I hope you all get to meet Iain soon - he's a precious gift.

Enjoy the pictures!


MrsR said...

A perfect gift...thank you so much for sharing the beautiful photos.

With love....

sid&ryan said...

What a blessing! We just can't wait to meet baby Iain. Congrats again you two. Get some rest... well, do your best anyway;)

Mrs said...

I could look at these pictures all day. .. Oh, wait a minute. . .I DO look at them all day! Thanks for posting more!

It's killing me to stay away but I KNOW how exhausting it is at first. I bought him some diapers.
;-) If you're using cloth let me know and I'll take them back.

LOVE the drum picture! What an incredible idea! Not even a week old!

sid again said...

Ok. Forgive me, but I can't help but mention that those long fingers would be great for playing the viola;).


Anonymous said...

dag yo... what a beautiful baby.

Phyllis said...

Thank you so much! I LOVE the photos.

Jon Morales said...


Heather Mnayarji said...

I'm so happy for you! Congrats! He is adorable! We recently had another one too! Isn't motherhood amazing!
Heather Mnayarji

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Been a long time brother.

In Him, Jason Whittle (

Mike said...

Hi - my name is Mike Coradetti. I was Jeremy's roommate and bandmate in college at the Wesley Foundation. Anyway, heard the happy news and wanted to touch base with him after all these years. Iain is beautiful - congratulations and blessings to you both. Anyway, have him drop me a line if he gets a chance.

Anonymous said...

hooray for new baby pics!

much love,

Anonymous said...

Good looking kid. Of course, he has good looking parents, so that's not really a huge shock. :)

Love you both, and am glad to hear he's doing well.

All the Atlanta crew send their best.


Anonymous said...

he is beautiful...a good and perfect gift, indeed! we are so excited for your new family and can't wait to meet iain and see you both again. how blessed you are! are you still reeling? :)

love, annie and david

Anonymous said...

Yes!! I love the rock and roll photo shoot!

Brad Foster

Annette said...

We love you guys so much and are so happy for you. How we wish we could be there! Iain is so incredibly blessed to have your loving faces smiling down at him every moment of the day. I can completely tell that you prayed for him throughout the pregnancy--his expression is so peaceful. God bless you guys. We love the drum shot! :)
Annette and Bo
P.S.--We are expecting Stratford VI around Nov 8. You'll have to let us in on your wisdom on raising a boy!

Rob said...

So, when is the father-son concert?? Congrats big time !!! I had heard rumours and am happy to see how true they are! Iain rocks... and I know he'll be a Proverbs 22:6 kid.


Julie May said...

I'm so glad I got to meet Iaian this past weekend (nanny nanny boo boo, Wesley folks!) I could have held him all day long! He really is a perfect little person and I could already tell that he is going to be wise and brilliant like his parents. I'm still working on my Iain song for next time. I love you guys and I hope one day I take this whole "baby deal" in stride, like y'all!

Adina said...

He's perfect!! This is so cool!

::jessie:: said...

Thanks again for letting me hold Iain today! He's very precious!

P.S. I think maybe Iain likes me after least while he's asleep ;)