Friday, September 29, 2006

Finally, a New Post!

Well, Aunt Haylee is holding Iain now to give me a chance to put something up on the blog. He's now two weeks old and has had a busy life so far. :) Jeremy's grandparents and uncle came up for a visit last weekend. It was pretty cool to see Iain with his great-grandparents.

Here is a picture of Iain with his other great-grandmother Nan (or Grand-Nan).

We also had a visit from Jeremy's brother Phil and his girlfriend Kelly. They came over after a day spent at Sea World and brought Iain a Shamu that is almost as big as he is. Iain liked his uncle, I must say.

Other than visits from family and friends, Iain has been busy growing like a weed. He's more alert and looks around a lot more (and he seems to really enjoy ceiling fans - don't ask me!), and his eyes are penetrating when he looks at you. He holds onto his ear sometimes when he is nursing or sleeping, and he has perfected a "relaxed" pose. And I have proof now that he really does smile in his sleep:


Shannon said...

Oh Allie! Preciousness!!! He is so beautiful! How are YOU getting along? You look great, I must say! I would love to chat with you sometime...When is a good time to call (after 3:30 that is)? And I'll need your phone number too. =)
With love and prayers! Shannon

Phyllis said...

My goodness! He looks like Jeremy when he smiles!

Mrs said...

With a kick-back pose like that, he could be Californian!

How marvelous that his great-grandparents were able to visit. Those are photos for the treasure chest for sure.

Kelly used to smile in her sleep like that, so I believe you. :-)

I can't wait to meet him Saturday!

Anonymous said...

He's so cute! Aw...congratulations you guys!

Evelyn (from Wesley oh so long ago)