Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bathtime, Etc.

Iain had his first real bath yesterday. He took it like a man - not much squalling at all! He did cry, but not as much as I expected. I think he'll like bath time someday! We have a little wire-framed mesh tub seat that he was in, in the big tub. It worked out pretty well, making it easier to hold on to a slippery-wet baby. And he still has the sweet newborn smell, thanks in part to the baby oil. :) Here's a picture of bathtime with Iain.

I also wanted to post a few of Iain's first pictures: sonogram photos from about a month before he was born. They are pretty good ones of his face; you can even see his cute chubby cheeks. The sonographer knew he was a boy, but didn't let on to us. I enjoyed seeing a sneak peek of the baby, but Jeremy waited until he was born to see him for the first time. He said it was like peeking under the wrapping paper of a Christmas gift.

Today, Iain and I took a long walk with a new friend and her new baby Noah. Lauren lives about two blocks from us and we met her as she took her son on a walk past our house a few days ago. So we exchanged numbers and today walked together. It was really nice. Noah is about five weeks older than Iain, and he is her first baby, too. But the best part was that we found out that Lauren and her husband go to the same church we do! It was great the way the Lord orchestrated us meeting and I am thankful for a new friend so close by! And the fact that she's staying at home with her baby and he's right around Iain's age is so nice. I look forward to many more walks with them, especially as the weather gets nicer.

Tomorrow, Jeremy, Iain and I are going on our first overnight trip. Our anniversary is October ninth, so we decided to go to Cedar Key and stay over as a treat. We found a cute cottage there and we look forward to walking around the area, seeing the parks and the beaches, and enjoying a change of scenery. It'll be fun taking Iain on his first trip of many, I am sure.

And a few more pictures just for fun.


Mrs said...

Allie! God is so good! I'm so THRILLED to know you have another Mom close by with a baby Iain's age. What a blessing!

Thanks for the pics. . . keep 'em coming!

MrsR said...

Greatly I enjoyed your post, especially the news of a new friend to share the joys of early motherhood. How well I remember walking all around Fullerton, CA with Lorraine Foute and her son Stephen when Phyllis and Stephen were in their first months of life. For over 20 years now the Foutes have been missionaries in Nigeria, and our families are still very close.

Happy anniversary; enjoy your trip.

With love....

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful! Congratulations on your anniversary, first trip together and all the joy Iain brings to your days!

Thank you for keeping us up to date with the blog!
Love always,
Aunt Jennifer

Mrs said...

Thank you for sharing Iain with us today! I wasn't even jealous that Shannon was the only one to hold him. . . . you keep that baby all to yourself for as long as you can!

Allie, Jeremy. . .you are blessed.

Anonymous said...

He's growing so fast! Thanks for posting the pictures :)

I'm glad that you've met another new mommy - that is too cool!

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! i'll be emailing or calling sometime. :) thanks for posting pictures for those of us who have yet to see this beautiful boy in's raised david's baby-meter a notch or two! ;) how exciting to have another new mommy in the area!
love, annie

Mrs said...

Happy Anniversary, Jeremy and Allie!

Phyllis said...

Thank you so much for more pictures and words!

Phyllis said...
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Shannon said...

Allie, praise God for the blessings of a new Mommy friend! Maybe in January we can join you for some walking adventures?! Thank you so much for trusting me to hold Iaian. It was very exciting and a little overwhelming to think that in just two monthes I will have my very own cutie. =)

Hey, I need to ask you about immunizations and doctors sometime...