Sunday, October 15, 2006

Catching Up

Here is a smattering of news from the Brannnon household:

October 5-6: Cedar Key
We really enjoyed the two days we spent at Cedar Key. We rented a nice little cottage that was right on the water - lovely view and very peaceful. We spent the time walking around the town (and stopping so Iain could be admired by passersby), eating at a local seafood restaurant, and going on a boat ride around the keys. Iain was very well behaved on the boat! We learned about the interesting wildlife on the unpeopled keys; for example, on one key, the water moccasin population has changed into non-water snakes, as they have no fresh water on the island. Instead, they are foragers, eating only the fish dropped by the egrets as they feed their babies. The snakes and the birds are not enemies at all as they birds feed the snakes, and the snakes scare other predators away from the birds. Interesting. We also visited a scrub habitat, for those of you who remember those from the days of field trips and contests. No scrub jays, but we did see a few skinks and a toad.

Here's a picture of our little beach baby after the boat ride, one in the scrub, and one of us on one of the keys.

October 7: Open House and Baby Celebration
We had a lovely open house at my mom's, planned by Mrs. Icardi. Friends from church stopped by to meet Iain and to visit. It was good to see everyone, and to catch up.

State of the Sinking House
It's no longer sinking! The work crew came by last week and jacked it up on steel pilings. I was inside the house when it was raised and it was very interesting to see it move and hear it creaking! There are still holes outside our house and the front door no longer opens, but at least we're not in danger any longer of falling into the earth. And, thankfully and remarkably, none of the tiles in the dining room or kitchen cracked.

October 14: Iain is One Month Old
Celebrated with a visit from Jeremy's parents (Grammy and Papa), as well as with a candle in a scone (how very British of us), Iain turned one month old. It's amazing to think it's only been a month - seems like he's always been here with us. And on the other hand, a month seems very old.

Miscellaneous Cuteness


Mrs said...

A month already! Wow!

I was very interested in Cedar Key until you went on and on about the snakes. (sigh) We're always looking for a new spot to vacation. Have any connections in Tennessee who would welcome three families who like to vacation together?

I hope you put Iain's first boat ride on his calendar or in his book!

Mrs said...

Ooh! Now I can see the pictures! I can't believe what a smiley baby he is!

Phyllis said...

So incredibly cute! (And big!) It was very nice to see my sister and all those other familiar faces. :-)

I love that smile. Yesterday I got to talk to Maksik, and he was smiling all over the place. You know, I think Iain looks bigger than Maksik, who was born in June.

Phyllis said...

Oh, did you happen to get any photos of the elusive Shannon? I think I heard that she was at the reception. She says her camera is lost. Sounds suspicious to me. . . . :-)