Friday, May 29, 2009

They Are So Weird!

My kids, that is. As witness:

A conversation Cory and Iain had upon Cory waking up from his nap. This was the first thing out of Iain's mouth when he saw his brother.

Iain: Cory, do you want to be a biscuit?
Cory: Yeah.
Iain: Okay, then I will tickle you until you are a biscuit.
Cory: Good.

I couldn't make this stuff up.


Christopher Ryan said...

Oh my goodness! We've got to come see you guys soon before the boys get too much bigger! Give them hugs for us :)

Mrs said...

All us W girls laughed long and hard at this!

Matt said...

Hahha that's hilarious.

Shannon said...

I think the entertainment is pay back for all the hours of sleep we've missed because we won't really get to see the fruit of our labor for a good many years yet. Just a theory. Actually, I really think it's to help us stay in and enjoy the moment. Otherwise we may miss out on the pure joy of motherhood! :)

Adam said...

hahaha... awesome.