Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Catching Up

I seem to have fallen a bit behind in the world of blogging. Life continues to move at a quick pace, although not quite as hectic as before because... drumroll, please... as of March 31st, we will have renters in our FL house! Do I even need to explain what a relief that is? :)

This morning, Cory asked for cereal (as did Iain). I was pouring Iain's first when Cory cried out in a wailing voice, "You have forgotten about meeeee!"

Nona came to visit! The boys had a blast fingerpainting, throwing rocks in the lake, decimating the snowman, riding bikes, and reading (lots!) with her. 

Cory loves babies! Here he is with his cousin Isaiah. He's going to be a great big brother. 

In fact, the boys and I were talking about "the baby sister" as they call her. They were declaring their intent to protect her from any harm. Iain said if a giant came to get her, he'd whip him, and shoot him with rocks (the modern David and Goliath, I suppose. Except the whip.). Cory said he'd "teep her safe." The conversation about what they'd do to fight off the bad guys went on for an entire lunch time, and made me smile. Forget modern feminism - I want my boys to protect their sister from the bad guys.

I've just recently started letting the boys play in our (fenced) backyard alone - they love it. Cory found his way to the trampoline right away, although the sand box still rates as a favorite pastime. 

Iain, outside Aldi. I love this picture of him - not sure why. Maybe its all the texture and colors.

This is how Cory dressed himself when I told him it was time to make dinner. Usually, the boys don aprons and hats for cooking, but this time, that obviously didn't suffice.

Cory can be a bit of a loner sometimes. Here he's reading a book quietly in his room. Love it.


Mrs said...

Missing these boys! I can hear their little voices now when you post what they have said. =)

Lauren said...

You have renters! Hurrah! I know that is a huge answer to prayer.

We sure miss you... Noah just said today randomly in the car, "It's a long journey to Georgia." He also recently drew a family picture for the fridge with all four of us and one extra person. He said it is Iain.

Love you guys!

agable said...

You have such cute boys! Keep taking pictures!

Shannon said...

Oh, we miss you guys lots!!! Well, summer is soon, maybe we can figure out a way to see you then...


Christopher Ryan said...

WOOHOO! RENTERS!!! There's a prayer answered, for sure! I'll check that one off my prayer list! I can hardly believe how big the boys are getting. And I love that they're already thinking of ways they're going to protect baby sister! Do you think you'll be making a FL trip anytime in July? We're hoping to come State-side sometime in July...we'll keep you guys posted on dates!