Sunday, October 03, 2010

Thankful #5

This one may seem like cheating, but it is really true. I am thankful that during this stage, there is an ebb and flow to how difficult the waiting is. I am thankful that not all days are like today. Thank You, Jesus.


Adrianne Thompson said...

oh, Allie. I'm sorry today was so tough. ugh. thinking of you all so often. longing to rejoice with you!

Christopher Ryan said...

This thanksgiving series is such an awesome idea! What a wonderful time of learning and growing. Looking forward to hearing all the other things you're thankful for. We're praying for you!

annie said...

my daughter and son in law have a huge heart for adoption. Their youngest is 2 1/2 and they are researching resources into this amazing journey they would like to begin. bless you!

annie :)