Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Christmas 2010

Yes, this is three months late. Trying to catch up here.

Decorating the tree at our house:

We spent Christmas this year at Nona's house--one of the boys' favorite places on earth! And no Schweizer holiday would be complete without a rousing game of football (in which I had visions of being Matt Saracen on Friday Night Lights, and yes, I did throw the winning touchdown. Well, I tossed it and someone--lucky for me, someone on my team--caught it. Still.).

Anyway. It was Iain's first time playing and he was on fire! His job was to rush the QB, and with Aunt Kelsey's help, he did quite well. And you never did see a boy more proud to play with the big people, or more into the game. Maybe he'll be the next Saracen. :) Look at him go!

Meanwhile, Cory was doing this:

Christmas Eve. A lit Christmas tree with real candles. Dinner. Singing. Playing music. Opening the "name gifts." Sleepy Cory.

Late Christmas Eve night: setting up the boys' plasma cars, and yes, riding them around the house at midnight. The tree and man, that is a lot of presents even for all the families that would be there the next day!

Christmas morning: plasma cars and other fun toys:

Cory snuggling with his new Cars blanket on his new moose pillow. :)

A few days later, Grammy and Papa came to have Christmas with us, and Uncle Phil stopped by, too.

But just wait until you hear about what happened the day after Christmas. Doesn't that make you want to come back for more?

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