Thursday, March 08, 2012

Changing Plans...

Well, things have changed again around here. For a variety of reasons and after much prayer/talking/thinking, we've decided to stop our Uganda adoption. We are still adopting! This time around, Lord willing, we will be welcoming an African American newborn baby girl into our family from somewhere in the USA. That's right--with one foot planted firmly in the international adoption camp, we're stepping with the other into domestic adoption.

Although this decision has required some significant mindset-changing, we're very excited about it. Right now, I am once again buried under paperwork and learning the process and the lingo of domestic adoption. We are planning to apply to several agencies (a benefit of domestic adoption that is TOTALLY different from our experience in RW!), and have been told a few times to expect to be quickly matched (And since we've heard that before, we're not getting too hopeful--although it could happen!)

Please join us in joyfully anticipating the arrival of baby number four!


La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

Thanks for sharing this, and for being an example of submitting completely to the Lord's leading. May He bless this twist in the journey.

agable said...

You guys are amazing :) Thank you for keeping us updated!