Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cliffs Notes

I am bound and determined to catch up on this blog. I love keeping it--it's a baby book, a family chronicle, an adoption record, a scrapbook, a way to keep up with people, a way to remember. But when I get behind on it, it feels like a burden. So: catching up, the cliff's notes version.

This is how we do school a lot of the day. I feed Mason or rock him, and read to these turkeys. We do a lot of reading lately.

Cory and Iain made a massive town all over the living room floor, complete with Big Ben.

The boys have loved playing Battleship, a Christmas present from the Whatleys.

Footies and a fire in the fireplace. Love it!!

Cory has taken to sleeping with a hat on. Camo or his Daniel Boone coonskin cap. So cute.

Laina went and got her denim jacket on to match my shirt. Girls are so fun. :)

Kelly and I took the kids to Ikea on Kids Eat Free day. They are a crazy bunch of nuts. Love them all! :)

 This guy has started smiling! With the big eyes and the dimples, he's a heartbreaker to be sure.

We had some plumbing problems in the hall bathroom that resulted in a new floor, toilet, and newly painted walls. While the plumber/tiler (a very nice guy from our church) was working, the kids stood in the hallway and watched. The whole time. And asked constant questions, which he was very kind to answer. The whole time.

Iain made this fire pit in the back yard. We used it for Cory's Daniel Boone party.

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