Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mason Says

Oh Mason. May-May. Macey. 

You guys, seriously. This dude is the funniest, smartest, silliest, loving-est baby around. 

He sings constantly. Happy Birthday to You, the ABCs, Rock-A-Baby (more on that in a minute), I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles, M-M-M-Mason (K-K-K-Katy), This Little Light of Mine, and on and on the list goes. He was even singing CC's Timeline song yesterday. It's amazing how recognizable his tunes are. 

He'd been asking me for a few days to sing Rock-A-Baby, which I assumed was Rockaby Baby. Then I hear him singing, to the tune of Rock of Ages, "rock-a-baby, clap for me..."

When I put him down for his nap or at night, I ask him what he wants me to sing. These days, he usually picks Bubbles. Sometimes he'll just choose a word and I will try to think of a song for it. (Ears? Do Your Ears Hang Low.) Whenever I sing a new song to him, he gets the biggest grin on his face like he's thinking, there are more songs? There's a song about THAT? 

He asks me every afternoon if he can, "jump-on-da-trampoline? Get muddy?" His two favorite things to do. 

In the morning, when he sees me, he says "good morning Mama! Happy birthday Mama!" Every single time. Then sometimes he adds, "How you doin' Mama?" And then, he asks for "more boppas?" Translated: more breakfast. Meaning cereal from my bowl. Because he never stops eating.

Honestly, more than half the time, he calls me Nom or Nama. On purpose. When I correct him, he laughs and does it again.
His favorite things are his stuffed monkey Banamana, his stuffed bunny Bonny, and his blanket Banket.

He comes into the kitchen when someone is cooking and says, "Making? Doing?" until he gets his answer.

He is the KING of silly faces. And he knows it.

He likes to list off the kids in his class at church. Randomly he'll yell out, "Max! Luke! Asher! Martin!" This is him and his buddy Max. They were born a week apart to the day, and they're so sweet together.
Just in the past two weeks or so, he's learned to say "I no like it" or "I like it," and sometimes he adds in "I love it!" These phrases usually apply to food or something he does or doesn't want to do. Or sometimes people. "I like Aunt Curtis!" "I like Karolina!"

Cucumbers are "cumbers." Bananas are still "banamanas." He still loves pretzels, which used to be called "fesh-tools" but are now ordinary pretzels.

Mason was a very early talker. And he talks a lot. But my very, very favorite is when he says "I love you too, Mama." Sometimes it's after I tell him I love him. Other times, like last night in the car, just him and me after we dropped the kids off at AWANA, he says it before I do. "I love you too, Mama," from the backseat. And all is right in the world.

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