Friday, January 02, 2015

Ivy Hope is Here!

Our second daughter and fifth child, sweet Ivy Hope, was born on Christmas morning! She is the most beautiful, dear little one and we're so in love with her.

We went to our church's Christmas Eve service after dinner on Wednesday. I was in early (very early) labor. How sweet it was to sing Christmas carols and take Communion (the boys' first!) together, while thinking about how soon we'd be holding our baby girl. 
Ivy is our smallest bio baby, but a big girl nonetheless! Those cheeks! They did get smaller over the first week, but they're still kissable and adorable.

Haylee spent the night with the kids, who were delighted and surprised by their Christmas present the next morning.

The first time holding their new sister:

Grammy and Papa, along with Lena and Laura came over to meet her a few hours after she was born.

Then, after a few hours' nap, we had Christmas. I mean, we couldn't wait a day, right? It was Christmas after all. Laina got a baby doll to match Mama's new baby.

The day after Christmas and the many adorable faces of our girl.

We seriously can't get enough of her.

Ivy Hope, you are our best Christmas present ever, save of course another Baby who was born on Christmas Day. We are so grateful to be your parents and overwhelmed by God's kindness in giving you to us. We love you, sweet girl!

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